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SBB - Asad and Zoya ki Shaadi + Video Added

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SBB - Asad and Zoya ki Shaadi + Video Added

Post by Tanthya on 2013-06-03, 15:27

The Ahmed khans and Farooqui are in their home ..

The Build up,

Najma asks/wonders whether Zoya has ever worn Mini Skirt , Zoya immediately pips up that she had worn in US and goes on to give a demo ... unflrtunately, 'ZOYA Luck' does not leave her ..


The maulvi is sitting on the coach, Zoya dressed in a mini skirt strolls out of her room, only to stand electrocuted behind the pillar as she notices that Maulvi and Asad are deep in discussion.. Dilshad who is aware of Zoya's plight tries to save her ... and covers for her, Zoya swiftly runs behind the dining chair, hides her exposed thighs while Najma gives her a head scarf to cover..

Asad calls Zoya to come over and discuss..

Zoy," U go on Mr.Khan..i'll join you in a min .. You just be there "" as Dilshad and Najma act as the fortress shielding Zoya from Maulvi and Asad's eyes ..

Irked by Zoya's refusal to join him , Asad walks over to where Zoya is, intent on taking her to task for not coming over to the sofa , prises Najma aside and is gobsmacked to see Zoya showing off her thunder thighs while the head is covered demurely ..

It is just at this time that the Maulvi too decides to join tha party by the table and walks towards Zoya , Dilshad, praising Zoya for her politeness, respect and shyness.. Asad has no other option but act as the solid wall to cover Zoya while at the same time agreeing that Zoya indeed is the shyest girl in town.. :P :P

The Maulvi leaves ..

Asad who was holding on to his temper .. gives a piece of his mind//

There is also a scene, where Zoya is gifted a ghagra with the words.. Might be cheap but at least it is long..

KSG says the real issue is that of Maulvi coming and Zoya clad in a Kerchief ... so the whole house gets into covering up for Zoya act...

Dilshad and KSG say, till nw there is no date set and even in the show, we are careful not to pin a date.

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