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A Start - Change in Asad

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A Start - Change in Asad

Post by Beekay on 2013-06-03, 22:03

In today's SBS segment, Telly
talk... you can see a change in Asad's reaction to Zoya in a mini skirt.

He didn't insult her like usual,
but he said he wanted to speak with her in private... Sure he was angry
and all, sure he did raise his voice slightly... but he didn't insult her...
This in itself is a great change in him…He is learning that he has to change
too. He realizes that when saying “I love you” is simply not enough… He also
has to make that move to change. And he has tried…

He wrote one of the most beautiful
love notes a woman can receive…not a I love you or you are beautiful… just a
simple truth… yes the truth.

“Mujhe pata hai ki rasta bahut
lamba hai, yeh uss raaste ka mera pehla kadam hai”
i.e. “I know that the journey
is very long, but this is my first step towards that journey
”. This is such an
honest, simple note but the most poignant in its simplicity and honesty.

I hope the writers continue with
this track of developing the bond between Asad and Zoya even though they are
poles apart… In today’s world, where relationships are taken so lightly, this
is such a beautiful theme to build on… Yes, Asad and Zoya are different in
nature…poles apart… so what? Isn’t that what is beautiful that two people so different
in nature can become one in nature simply because they have accepted each
other, faults and all.. I hope the writers continue on this path…

I also hope they don’t do write
something as stupid as Zoya and Ayaan getting married and break the bond
between the brothers… QH was beautiful when it focused on the relationship of half-siblings…showing
that blood is definitely thicker than water.

It is sad that they killed the
concept of man and woman’s friendship by making Tanveer a vamp.

I am also interested in knowing like
Zoya why Tanveer has turned from a good friend of Asad to a vamp…I’m also
trying to fathom why Tanveer turned against Dilshad/Rashid.


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Re: A Start - Change in Asad

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-03, 22:22

Hi Beekay.....Welcome to Dhwani and QH forum......

Loved this post, Thumbsup even I found him to be quite restrained today,it was a good change and the natural progression......even with Zoya.....she started thinking about the other angle in Tannu's story....finally the week kick started on a good note....

The relationship between the opposite as suggested by you, if the makers are able to pull it off nicely....this will really be a milestone in serial world.... party4

Read ur inputs in other threads and i am looking forward to lots of exchange of ideas with you. bounce

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Re: A Start - Change in Asad

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-06-04, 02:22

I second Pallu's comments, Beekay :) Great analysis


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Re: A Start - Change in Asad

Post by Sponsored content Today at 07:58

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