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What the writers of QH should do?

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What the writers of QH should do?

Post by Beekay on 2013-06-04, 11:51

Until now Zoya is shown as a strong person, yes...but very childish. I think the writers wanted to portray her character as childlike... She is shown as a person with a very positive perspective of the world despite all her problems. The positive attitude has been exaggerated to the level that it comes across as childish. But she is a young woman going to get married and she has to start being more mature about it. (I’m not talking about her mini-skirt fiasco…that can happen to anyone) And the person to help with it is none other than Asad

Asad is portrayed as a character who is mature beyond his years with a negative outlook in life because of his past. He would give his life for the people he loves. He needs to let down his hair a bit. He is letting life
pass him by his ideas and views. He needs to realize that the world has changed around him and that he needs to let go or at least try to understand… And the person to help with it is none other than Zoya

As human beings, we are complex. If we look around us in our lives, our closest of friends are people who are more different than similar, right? Our families, friends, colleagues… they all make us tick. As humans we are social creatures. No “man” is a island…

Their differences complete each other, don’t you think?
[1] The positiveness of Zoya, the negativeness of Asad is what makes AsYa a balanced couple.
[2] The childishness of Zoya and the maturity of Asad makes AsYa a balanced couple…
[3] The impulsiveness of Zoya and the cautiousness of Asad makes AsYa a balanced couple.

Their similarities bind them together
[1] they would give their lives for the people they love
[2] both areadvocates of honesty though Zoya

Until now we have not seen Asad and Zoya have a proper adult conversation after their
engagement with each other. Asad, being the more mature person in the relationship should instigate this. He is also aware that Zoya has no idea about the fact that the nikaah is for real. She still thinks that he is going
ahead with it for his mother and now her api, right? Has he ever told her anything positive without his mother being around. So why Zoya should believe his words, for all she knows is that he is doing so only because his mother is standing by. You know, he does not even have use the words “I love you”… Zoya is craving for Asad to take notice of her, to talk to her like he does with Tanveer. He knows so much about Tanveer being childhood friends. What does Asad know about Zoya? He thinks he knows her. Isn’t it surprising that he is not
interested in knowing what makes her tick? Zoya tries to know more about Asad

The QH writers can make the current situation more realistic and funny. They can play on the Asad’s character, Zoya’s character…
Asad’s character is such that he is not used to open displays of affection.
Situation 1
It would fun to show him brushing her hair of her face without even realizing, Zoya shocked and blushes, Najma shocked, Dilshad giggling. Asad walks out embarrassed but with a small smile.
Situation 2
Zoya is a touchy, touchy person and in one of the situations she places her hands over Asad’s hand which is palm down, Asad without realizing turns his palm and holds on to Zoya’s hand…Zoya as she is still talking with her mouth and hands…realizes that Asad is holding on to her hands is shocked into silence.. Najma giggles,
Dilshad giggles, Ayaan if he’s around, smiles and mimicks heart beat to Asad… Zoya blushes…and says…Woh..actually instead of Asad… Asad walks out less embrassed though but with a bigger smile.

Situation 3
Zoya is in the midst of one her shayaris amongst her followers Dilshad, Najma and Ayaan if he is around (they should be drinking tea or something like that) and Asad walks in and completes it with a wink to Zoya(Karan’s wink are sexy). All of them drop their cups in shock.
Situation 4
Zoya trips and falls onto Asad’s lap… All are around… Zoya is shocked and frozen to the stop… Asad will rub his nose against Zoya’s cheeks with his eyes closed and moves towards her ears breathing her scent and Dilshad would ahem… Zoya hearingthat would Mr Khan him… and Asad this time won’t walk out but sit there with his hands covering his face…

Asad should get to first name basis with Zoya, and vice versa it was amusing initially…now it
is quite jarring… Only when they are annoyed with each other should they Ms.Farooqui or Mr Khan each other and this should be a OH-OH moment.

Asad should again instigate going on first name with Zoya… as he is the one who is certain of his love… and when she Mr Khan’s him… he should stop her and say no Asad…and everytime she says Asad…her voice gets soft and husky…

Asad should again instigate the heart to heart talk… Initially this does not have to start with speak about each other but with Tanveer as a topic… and slowly there can introduction of personal topics… that’s a bond is built… it does not happen overnight… Zoya should start realizing that Asad is trying in his own way to show he cares…

Once she starts getting that confidence, she should leaving shayaris around in places where he least expects it…in the middle of a meeting an sms… in the middle of a presentation… (it happened to one of my friends)… in his pocket…on the dashboard… when he opens his laptop… maybe a naughty one while he is eating in his napkin…

Even as they get close, they should not stop their tiffs…That is important too in a relationship.. The making up later is the fun part… J

PS. right through you may wonder I said Asad should instigate... Zoya has tried but Asad has always slammed the door on now she has shut the doors on her side...Asad now need to help Zoya in reopening those doors...

One think I
do shudder to think about is that Ayaan getting married to Zoya, divorce her
and then Asad marrying Zoya… Its such a yucking situation… I hope the writers
don’t even go that path…, Brother’s wife with the brother still alive…. YIKES…. affraid

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-04, 12:07

Awesome situations Thumbsup .......I would love to see Asad in those cases...and if Ayan is there...toh Mona-Raabert will make it all the more funnier and embarassing for their most loved person, Asad.... Dance

Loved the way u brought out the contrasts between Asad-Zoya :)

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by clarissasham on 2013-06-04, 12:28

Hey beekay

Awesome post and points

I too would love to see if those happen

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by slmu on 2013-06-04, 12:33

Hi beekay, welcome to Dhwani.

I love your situations.. wish the CVs come up with something like this.

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-06-04, 13:02

Beekay your ideas are great yaar !!..

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by Hades on 2013-06-04, 13:08

Hi Beekay ,

M not much of a commentator of Qubool hai for acc to is plodding along quite well and is a better managed shows among the lots..

I do agree with the character depictions to an extent...Zoya definitely needs to be shown as a peppy positive adult and not as a giggly, over optimistic teenager whose positivity borders on farce ..

Asad's changes are going along well , we are getting to know the facets of Asad , The caring Man buried within through Tanveer, The emotional Son through Dilshad, The hip and protective elder through Ayan and Najma ..


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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by tweety on 2013-06-04, 14:01

love the points list, but dont know when all these will come true. I have my doubts on whether they will!! Now that Asad has come to confession, can we not expect some small gestures like trying to hold her hand. I so wanted to see that sterday when zoya's expression changed the moment the wedding planner talked abt fire. Some cute gestures like the one u mentioned. *Sigh*, itna kanjoosi kyun??

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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-06-04, 14:36

Just simply Awesome Bee


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Re: What the writers of QH should do?

Post by Sponsored content Today at 00:41

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