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YRK Written Update - June 5th

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YRK Written Update - June 5th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-06-05, 23:58

Episode start with Duggu is talking to g3 on phone and complain that no one play with him.
Chikki go to coaching classes. And the new teacher arrived. And he is so
young that all girl like him. He said he will email the homework.
Here vish got the left hand fractur . And shurya take him to Dr. Akshara
and Naitik playing with Duggu so he don’t get bored. Chikki said she
like new classes. And said she need laptop to study while teacher will
send the homework by email.
Akshara come to her room and tell her to be careful with the social
network sites. And tell her not to put her personal information on it.
Here teacher is find out that chikki is prarna. And like her. Duggu play with chikki,
Akshara come in room and wanted to talk with Naitik and he is playing
videogames. And then he come closer and said that she gave him this
Akshara is go to drop chikki at classes and then go back again while
chikki left her compass box. And saw the teacher staring at chikki.

chikki said to Akshara that she is not liking her interference . And Naitik hear this and yelling at chikki.


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