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Ballika Vadhu written Update - June 5th

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Ballika Vadhu written Update - June 5th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-06-06, 00:03

Scene 1:
Location: Near the temple and the Jaitsar hospital
As ganga tries to wake up jagiya and continually assuring that she wont
let anything happen to him and she would take him to the hospital, her
eyes fall on the kulfi vending cart. She clears it up, and gets it close
to jagiya. while she tries to adjust him, jagiya’s blood stained hands,
fall over ganga’s head, and fills her partition of hair, with red
blood, like the vermillion. Oblivious to this, Ganga, like a true wife,
manages to get jagiya on the vending cart, and drags him, to get help.
she continually keeps talking tp jagiya, assuring him and herself too
that nothing would happen to jagiya. she manages to pull the cart, on
the heavy traffic highway, while jagiya’s phone slips out of his pocket.
ganga finds it and calls up Lal Singh, who when picks up, hears ganga’s
hassled voice, incoherently telling him what happened. lal hears what
happened, and asks the nurse to send an ambulance rightaway at the spot
where ganga tells her to come.

Scene 2:
Location: jaitsar haveli
Sumitra and dadisa are discussing about making ganga’s favourite food,
when the phone rings. Dadisa happily assumes that it must be jagiya
informing that they are soon to return. ganga calls up at the haveli,
and tells dadisa about jagiya’s condition and asks her to come to the
hospital, while theyt oo reach and also tells that she hasa called lal
singh too. Dadisa cancels the call, and frantically asks for her sons,
so that they can leave. sumitra is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Udaipur haveli
Dadaji proudly shows off his gardening to shiv and anandi, explaining
the similarity between plants and children, and their symbiotic
relationship between the child and the parent. ananadi tells how
important the plants are to the environment. while they are chatting,
the police arrives in the jeep, and give the status report on the ev
teasing incident. He says that the evidences have been taken and the
statements too, and a chargesheet would be filed soon. dadaji asks him
not to be lenient at all. The police tells that there is generally
problems in such cases, but many students have vowed to give their
statements against those boys, despite their affluential family
background. The police assures shiv that he wont let those boys get
away. Shiv says that since this case is related to his sister, he doesnt
want any special attention, and should follow the normal conduct under
the law. The police assures him that he would follow the code of law,
and leaves. After they are gone, dadaji comments about the unfortunate
families, whose children do such things, and he is happy that sanchi has
her friends’ support in this and is excited that still people come up
for whats right. ananadi hopes that soon the whole society has to change
its mentality, so that she is seen more than an object for pleasure,
and treat her humanely. Dadaji says that they need more people like
jagdish. Ananadi and shiv hear this.

Scene 4:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
While jagiya is being operated on by Lal singh, with ganga watching
nervously, his family arrives at the hospital. ganga sees them coming.
As sumitra is about to enter, the wardboy stops them saying that noone
is allowed to enter the ICU. Ganga tells them what happened. sumitra
asks what happened and who were those boys. Ganga says that she doesnt
know anything about those boys, all the time ranting, that they beat him
very badly. The nurse goes past them, with necessary materials. As she
comes out, when dadisa asks about jagiya’s condition, the nurse tells
them that a lot of blood loss is there, and the doctors are trying their
best. This sends the family into shock and ganga is extremely
dishevelled. Dadisa wonders what it means, thinking that nothing would
hapen to her son,as the goddess is with them. Finally the family sees
jagiya, in the bed, from the ewindow of his ward, and is apalled at his
condition. sumitra screams out for jagiya, while bhairo comforts her and
asks her to be quiet, as Lalo and the other doctors are tending to him,
and wont let anything happen to him.

The family waits nervously outside the OT. As Lal Singh comes out, he
tells them that Jagiya is out of danger, reassuring their faith in the
Goddess and relieving them. he says that they should thank ganga too,
for saving jagiya’s life. He tells them about ganga’s contribution and
presence of mind, with her first aid nurse training, that stopped jagiya
from bleeding extensively, and that jagiya’s life is owed to her.
dadisa says that she is forever indebted to her for saving his son,
while ganga asks her not to, touching her feet, saying that they
shouldnt make her sin, as she has been given a second life by them, and
she could do whatever was within her means. Bhairo and Basant too are
extremely thankful to her. when Lal asks who would stay for the night,
sumitra and then Bhairo says that they would stay behind and basant
should take them home safely. when dadisa asks ganga to come along,
Dadisa sees the vermillion in her hair’s partition, and shocked as hell,
asks her what is it. Ganga feels her hair, an d then looking at her
reflection in the room’s glass pane, is shocked herself, and remembers
how it happened. She tells dadisa how it happened. The screen freezes on
her face, as she sees at her reflection.

Underlying Message: In times of trouble, along with the sensitivity
of a person for someone else, a person finds a new inner strength
infused within, that makes them overcome huge barriers.


Seeing jagiya in the ward, ganga
remembers how she had felt for him. The girls come and ask sanchi’s
family that they have come to take sanchi for a two day trip. But sanchi
throws a tantrum and refuse to go, surprising everyone. In her room,
Sanchi thinks that if Jagiya calls up once, then she would be happy. But
after that, she again has a mood swing and is angry at jagiya, and says
that if he doesnt bother to call up, then she also shouldnt be affected
by this. She comes down to ask what time does she have to leave.
Everyone is surprised yet again, at her mood change.

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