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OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

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OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

Post by sreearabhi on 2013-06-11, 03:26

Hi friends thought of writing a small OS on the given track...pata nahi kyun dimaag mein kuch ajeeb khayal aya toh ...sochliya ki likhdalooo...hope u all like it...

AMit and ammu at kanhas mandir...prayed requested for tons of himmat I mean strength to pass through the tunnel of distrust and lost hope of kireet bhai and insult that amit faced.

On their way to shah house..

Ammu: AMit what do u think? these clients are the ones who were going gaga over ur work na then why did they suddenly express their utter disappointment over your work. Did u submit any presentations or reports on their LOB to the quarterly review kya?

Amit: Amita whats the use in discussing all this it is I got slap on my face royally today...( with meri kismet karab hai) types look and continues walking...and remembers that the presentation which he did and which was passed to rohan and kireet doing ha haha for rohans work and shares it with ammu

Mean while ammu opens a fake linked in account on the name of some company under stock broking domain and adds wise consultants, and the other three companies too in her contact list.

Wise consultants ka bewakooof rohan adds ammus id.

she tries to communicate with rohan with the help of her friends bro and sanjay as they are aginst shah broking and they would at any cost overtake shah properties by buying their shares from the market. and offering their entire business to Wise consultants.

ROhan overwhelmed with the ghatiya idea he offers his shares which he took form the left clients and a cheaper rate. Ammu takes hemants help for arranging money and buys it on a binaamee name. She also takes hemanths help to put forward a request to known police department friends to record Rohans, rias and Tinas phone calls.

She gets shocked to know that truth that its tina ria and rohan who are plotting against Amit and shah property to swindle their money. Finally she gets documented proofs against all these three.

post lunch she visits office to meet amit to give him aamrass. Finds him bit late and asks him as to why is he late he gives a lame excuse that he got late at travel agents office. and oofice staff enjoying aamrass.

She goes to feed amit but he says no she forces ..and juice falls on the papers he is checking he leaves giving a hopeless look to ammu and ammu tries to the entry of all the sections in a new paper and finds something fishy in the account calculation and informs the same to amit. who in turn checks everything and calls rohan in.

ROhan after know ing that amit saw the wrong calculations gets paseena on his face and screams at accountant for false calculation while kireet steps in and amit informs the same that ammu identified this. Ammu takes this as opportunity and says that she scored 92% in accounts and its not easy tocheat her. She has experience in handling business accounts as she use to maintain accounts of her papa. later personally goes to kireet and requests him whether she can join the company. as she feels bored at home .

Kireet likes her idea and offers her accounts manager role.

Next day morning in the office

Kireet calls rohan and amit to his cabin and asks them to arrange for an emergency meeting with the board members.

Rohan shocked ...

In the meeting room Board of directors attend, stake holders are present kireet announces tat there is lot of discrepancy in the quarterly bi annual and halfyearly reports and financial statements too where the taxing income and ROI are also not matching.

ROhan starts getting Panic as all the while he was handling that section. ...

Board of directors and stake holders demand an explanation from Rohan on the same.

Ammu grins looking at ROhan. ... she says I think ROhan may not be able to give the explanation to you all but I will provide the explanation and starts her presentation

She gives bank transaction statements of ROhan Tina RIa and kireets brother how they used company funds to buy shah shares from the market and also the presentations which were wrongly made and presented to those three clients on the Name of Amit.

She also reveals that wise consultants MD is none other than ROhan and pardafashes the dark shades of ROhan ria and tina.

While the legal department issues an immediate notice to ROhan asking him to repay all the money he swindled from the company account. She wisely calls Media tooo who printed the news against Amit and arranges a meeting with them while Kireet himself anonces that that the fraud happened because of ROhan and not AMit.

Rohan after all this throws a dangerous threating look at amita and leaves to shah house.

At shah house

Family comes to know all this and phalguni kisses amita on her forehead and kireet express his pain and guilt in not trusting amit and believing gadhedi and gadheda like ria tina and rohan and asks for apologies to amit.

and thanks amita for all that she did. AMit looks at amita with pride

amita handovers the share papers which she bought from ROHAN and tell them how she was able to do all that with the help of her father and makes them listen to the recordings which she got.

The evil trio are thrown out of shah house while TIna challenges ammu that she will ruin ammus life ...and she wont be able to do anything other than crying ...and leaves...

AMit watches all this and defends amita saying that she cant do anything to ammu till he is with her ...Ammu looking at amit and the screen freezes...

AMmu: As she already knows ria and tina are big time bewdis...says oh ok ... and asks amit ... u love ur family very much happy that u love ur family and am really proud that I have become daughter in law of such a family where trust love is the oxygen and hydrogen ...

Amit: Looks at her smile and blushes ...and says even my family is also very lucky to get a sweet girl lke u as DIL and also adds in his own self talk that ideally its not my family but its me who is lucky to do I express this...I always thinks wrong about u and u always saves my family prestige...and they both continue to their house.

At shah house:

Tina ria over acts saying what happened to amit where is he how is he they were super duper tensed as to worrying for him thinking what he might have done to self with kireet bhais decision of making Rohan CEO

Amit positively comes forward and says he is absolutely fine and there is nothing to be worried. HE felt bad that he could be that perfect as rohan though he tried and gives laddu to rohan and leaves.

Ammu evedrops at the trio s room while they were having discussion suddenly... and she comes to know the truth they are doing it wantedly. She determines to do pardafaash of rohan riya and tina.

she tries to talk about the same clients to amit but he asks her to forget this and goes to bed.

Morning amit leaves early ammu reaches maika hemant looks at amita and finds out that daal mein kuch kaala and asks her personally she reveals her fears to him and she asks him that can I get shah stock brokings pan Number

Hemanth bhai asks her why she wants it

Ammu: papa I want the PAN NUMBERS of Shah stock brocking, Wise coporate consultants and clients fo shah company tooo.

Hemant: Wonders why is ammu asking all these and says he will get it. in a day or too

AMmu: No papa, I want it today. She recollects some of her contacts and calls them who are working as vendor consultants and speaks to them leaves to meet them

In the vendor consultants office she asks the manager who happen to be her friends brother and her faculty too when she and her friends did BI course with finance CRM packages.

She gives them those company names and requests him to give all the details about those companies including PAN number, Registration numbers and on whose name the companies are registered and whats the track record of these companies including their quarterly, half yearly and annual financial report and turnover by looking at the Business Intelligence tool.

She gets all the information about these 5 companies. She goes to preeti and sanjay tells them this issue. asks them not to reveal to anyone and the duo agrees to her while sanjay offers help to ammu that he will try to get some more info.

Friends if my OS ne chua aapke dil, pls hit like button and do share ur views...its just random thoughts ran into my hands and my fingers did their job of typing and it came out as an one shot...


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Re: OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

Post by Maria J on 2013-06-11, 14:56

Loved reading u..

Maria J

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Re: OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

Post by sreearabhi on 2013-06-11, 15:02

Thanks dear


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Re: OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

Post by sunshine99 on 2013-06-14, 02:26

Mazza aaya .. This is the wish of aazkA fans ki baki shah paarivaar ko kuch toh gadbad hai dikhe... I wish cc's do something like this for the story..I was irritated to go back to the same one step fron ta nd two step back with Rohan winning hands down .. And Kirit cementing his blind trust on him.... I wish Nani and dadi support amu.. They know Tina and her family's nature very well.

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Re: OS- ROhans Pardaafaash by Amita!!!

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