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I am a creative person: Shashank Vyas

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I am a creative person: Shashank Vyas

Post by Maria J on 2013-06-13, 11:52

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Actor Shashank Vyas gets candid with
Your fondest memory of childhood. Beatings from my mother. Those beatings have got a lot of change in me. I have learnt good things from my mother. I was quite rigid and stubborn I use argue lots at that time. Naughtiest guy in my colony. I use to always get beatings for fighting and at times other guys faught with me still I use to get beatings.
When was the first time you have faced the camera? For an episodic work in produced by Yashraj, it was a single episode and I had just 3 to 4 lines to speak.
How you felt when you have faced camera for the first time? During that episodic shoot I was quite chilled out and relaxed but when I was shooting for balika I felt nervous as I was working with seniors actors and on the lead for a big show. Starting days I was nervous but then later I was chilled and concentrated on my work and gave my best.
When was the first time you have discovered an actor within you? When I was in 9th std I had participated in a play. The casting had only two guys, and the script was on a director and writer. It was a comedy play. After the play she told I should become an actor. It was compliment for me. But after 12th I realized I could give more than my 100% in this art.
What do you like about Mumbai? Everything. Whatever I am it is because of Mumbai. It's like a beautiful woman once you chase her, she gives you frustration trouble but once she accepts you every dream comes true. Whatever you imagine comes into reality. It's the best place it breaks you and makes you.
As an actor what excites you the most - the role, the glamour or the fame and money? Nothing of these. Acting is my satisfaction. If I am satisfied these things will follow while I am acting these things don't come in my mind it's only hard work.. I know I have to give my 100% I am not a glamour person I mean it's not my priority ...I am a creative person I prefer working hard in whatever I do.
In future we will see you in films as well, what are your thoughts on the same. Never thought. I can't plan my future. As in if it's written it will happen but then I don't know whats written for me ahead. Our work is to work hard and leave the rest on destiny.
How you motivate yourself as an actor, what you do to cut down that monotonous life of an actor? It's not all about monotonous. It's all about having positivity life is very simple we make it complex. Where in motivation is concerned I keep quite and think of my mom and just one question in mind "Why am I in Mumbai " and I am motivated and energised this is what motivates me I don't discuss with other people nor read books.
Define Shashank Vyas in a few words. Simple, sorted, hardworking and rigid.
When are you planning to get married? No marriage right now nor ahead for another two years no plans as such.
What kind of girl Shashank would love? Who would understand me and my work. I expect her to understand my work before me.
Jagya got many chance in his life to prove his goodness... Does Shashank believe in second chance in life? Yes why not. If we write something wrong in the exams we rub it and rewrite to get good marks. But then no second chance for the same mistake.
How you see your life in five years? I don't know. I believe in destiny yes but I will achieve a lot. Aaj se jyada aur bada.
You and Sriti in the show look good as a couple. What can audience expect from the show in the future? Jagya and Ganga are sorted people and no more complex. People are waiting for love to come up. She's the mother of a 2 ½ yr old baby, in this relationship baate kam hoti hai. I don't know the changes and twist. It's vey nice working with sriti she's a gem of a person. I like people who are quite focused on their work and she is. She's very hard working and an experienced actor. Always filled with energy. I get help from her. I am gaining a lot. Your phobia in life. Not phobia exactly but I am scared of lying. Whenever I think of lying it's consequences really scare me. The positivity inside you lowers when you lie. If you lie you would be caught someday. For eample if you have a white bedsheet and there's a small black stain on it even is there is lots of white the black is noticeable.
What you love to do in your free time? Watch movies. I have a few friends, whom I meet. Or else my laptop music and my coffee.

Why you have not done any reality show? What kind of a reality show would you like to do and why? I worked for three years exclusive of traveling. I need time for myself and my dad. I love acting and right now I have to learn more. I need time for anything I do. I can't cheat with any dance form. I can do only one work at a tim. No chance or plans for reality.

Credit: Times of India
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