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surbhi Jyoti (zoya) celebrates Father's day-WU

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surbhi Jyoti (zoya) celebrates Father's day-WU

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-06-14, 18:30

Surbhi says that 80% credit goes to her father rather than her mom in terms of allowing her to come alone to Mumbai. Usually, fathers are very conservative and don't let their daughters go or look for a job but her dad convinced her mom to let her go and that if she is getting a job, we should let her go. Surbhi is saying that because of her father, she is there. Then she says that if you have your parents support and your father is saying you should go and he has trust on you then you feel ok and that half the battle has been won. On father's day, she will say big thanks.

Surbhi talks about a childhood memory. One time during the day, she had gotten an injection which started hurting in the night. She said that she was such a nice child that she didn't wake up her parents. Then she said that she thought that whoever loves her more will wake up and find out on their own that Surbhi is crying. It was a fantasy but it actually happened like that. Her parent's room door opened and her father came out, saw her crying and asked her what happened so she said that her arm is hurting so her dad went and woke up her mom and said look she's crying. Surbhi says that totally filmy and fantasy type situation but she can never forget that incident.

On father's day, her msg is that don't take your parents for granted or hurt them. Please respect your parents. Dads have a big hand in how you grow up and which direction you go. They are very important in your life so please never ignore them.


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