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Qubool Hai - WU - 14th June 2013

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Qubool Hai - WU - 14th June 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-06-14, 22:41

The episode starts with Dilshad applying mehandi on Zoya's hands. The acid that's mixed with the mehandi, burns Zoya's hands. She is trying her level best to hide her pain. Tanveer gives an evil smirk and is waiting for Zoya to surrender in pain. 

The scene shifts to Ayan's house where he is getting ready for his engagement. Nikhat tells him that Imran's mother has accepted her. Ayan is happy to hear this news. But Nikhat is shocked to see Ayan's behavior. She questions him if he has anything to do with Haseena Bi's decision. Ayan brushes off telling her that she is reading too much into it and that Imran's mother knows how much this alliance is important for her and had therefore come back to them. He tells her not to think too much and he is not responsible, nor had anything to do with Haseena Bi's decision. 

Nikat is still not convinced. She questions Ayan about the involvement of Mumami (Raziya ) in this whole situation. She further questions him the reason for his acceptance, of his engagement with Humeira. Ayan brushes off telling her that the engagement was bound to happen and not to worry. Nikat is still not convinced but hugs her brother. Ayan reciprocates the hug. Badi Bi watches this exchange between her grandchildren and is very sure of Razaiya's involvement. She acknowledges to herself that the time had come for her to action her plan against Raziya.

Raziya is getting ready for her daughter's engagement. She takes off her wig and places it on the dressing table and takes her Salwar suit and enters the bathroom to change. In the meantime Badi Bi enters Raziya's room with a bucket of water. She mixes bleach in water and dips Raziya's wig in that and leaves the room. 

The scene shifts to mehandi ceremony. Zoya is unable to bear the pain but the warm and pleasant look on Asad's face and his slight smile keeps her going. Tanveer looks at her enjoying the pain, Zoya is going through. 

The scene shifts to Ayan's house where Haseena Bi is commenting on the time Raziya is taking to get dressed. Badi Bi is praying and hoping that Raziya takes some more time to come down which will give her time for counter attack.

The scene shifts to the mehandi ceremony where Zoya is still bearing the pain without complaining. Najma requests the lady who is applying the mehandi, to write her brother's name in Zoya's hand in such a way that he finds it difficult to spot his name.  Saying that he drags Asad out, so that he doesn't find out where its written.

Once Asad leaves Zoya asks the mehandi lady to stop. Tanveer's victory smile short lives when Zoya asks her to write, Asad's name on her hand. Tanveer tries to escape from this predicament. But left with no choice she writes Asad's name on Zoya's hand. The winning smirk stays on Zoya's face now.

The scene shift to Raziya's room where she is getting ready. She panics when she couldn't find her wig, but finally notices it. She is shocked to find that the color of the wig had changed from black to golden brown. She plans to ask one of her servants to get a new wig from the shop. In the mean time, she hears Badi Bi talking to someone over the phone, telling them that she cannot hold Raziya for long and to come quickly. Humeira enters the hall and Ayan notices her presence. Shirin gets her seated and is looking for Raziya to start the engagement rasam. Badi Bi tells her that Raziya will take time to come down and therefore to organize food for the guests first and then to perform the engagement ceremony. 

Raziya comes down and shocks everyone by wearing the brown/golden wig. When Humeira question her about her wig she simply states that her daughter's engagement is more important than her appearance. Ayan and Humeira exchange their engagement rings. Raziya has a winning smile on her face.

Precap : Zoya's hand is burnt. They are trying to figure out as to how it would have happened. Raziya is forcefully taken to mental hospital.....

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Re: Qubool Hai - WU - 14th June 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-16, 23:28

Thanks for the lovely update sharmi.....I was so eager to know what happened...and finally got time to read u...yet to watch  the episode....looks like a good finally...ayan...humeira r engaged.....another failure in tanu.s plan:bounce:

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