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Health Check on Asad-Zoya's relationship

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Health Check on Asad-Zoya's relationship

Post by Beekay on 2013-06-15, 02:04

ASad-zoYA (ASYA) - a match made in heaven

ASYA are totally in love with each other and probably give their life for each other. But is their relationship healthy enough the weather the storms of life.

What makes a healthy relationship?
Over the love a couple feels for each other, there are other qualities that every relationship should have, right?

  1. Mutual Respect: Respect in a relationship means that each person values who the other is and understands — and would never challenge — the other person's boundaries. Is Asad into Zoya for what she is and is Zoya into Asad for what he is?  Asad needs to work on it a little bit more. In Episode 164 June 13th The answer is YES
  2. Trust: Trust does not mean blind belief. It means giving your loved one a benefit of doubt and reasoning out with them if it is something ludricous. This does not mean you cannot get jealous sometimes - jealousy is a very natural emotion. But how a person reacts when feeling jealous is what matters. There's no way you can have a healthy relationship if you don't trust each other. Do Asad and Zoya trust each other? The answer is I'M NOT SURE....  Maybe I've missed something.
  3. Honesty: Normally honesty and trust go hand-in-hand with each other. You cannot trust a dishonest person. This is where I am a little confused about Asad and Zoya's relationship. Asad and Tanveer's relationship. Now Zoya has been always honest with Asad - even when she got a little jealous she admitted it finally, yet Asad does not trust her enough. Meanwhile Tanveer has lied about every aspect of her life, now not small white lies but big ones, yet Asad seems again I say seems to trust Tanveer.  ** sigh**. YES - Asad and Zoya are honest with each other.
  4. Support: It is not just in bad times that support should be given in a relationship. When things are going bad, we need a shoulder to cry on and when the going is good, we need someone to celebrate it with. Do Asad and Zoya support each other? YES they do.. big time... though we are yet to see some support from happy occasions.
  5. Fairness / Equality: Every relationship need to have give-and-take in them. It is not a power struggle nor it is a counting session as to who gave more. But still if it isn't a fair balance, it can lead to a breaking point (as Zoya did when Asad shouted at her for wearing the mini-skirt). If we apply this to Asad and Zoya, yes there have come a long and they beginning to give in and also accept. So we can give them an YES  
  6. Separate identities: In a relationship, we need to make compromises but without losing out on being yourself. In this respect, Zoya did compromise a lot for Asad, yet she refused to change what she felt was her key beliefs. She gave up wearing what she liked for Asad and wore what she did not like for Asad because he liked it. But she did not give up "interfering" to help other person because she firmly believes in it. She has accepted Asad's quirks like his cleanliness, and she tries hard. Asad has started accepted her as she is but he still has a long way to go. So we can give a big YES for this quality in Asad-Zoya relationship
  7. Good communication: Often it is said that men and women speak different languages. Is it true??? I think this is due to poor communication. Its assumptions, assumptions, fear of sounding silly, fear of being rejected.... In the case Asad and Zoya, their communication skills are quite sad. Sure they communicate using their eyes...this is excellent but it is not enough. We as human beings are gifted with the gift of speech and Asad and Zoya need to use it more to get closer to each other. How much can you stare into a person's eyes? Your eyes starts watering, right... then you have to blink, then when you blink you might lose out on an important eye conversation :) But you can express much more by talking. Zoya need to talk less and listen more. Asad need to talk more. The funniest thing, they have a lot to talk with each other if its about Tanveer. So we can't kick Tanveer out as yet because our love-birds will have nothing to say to each other if Tanveer is not around. So it is big NO regarding this quality.

So did Asad and Zoya's relationship pass the health-check? I would say YES.  Are they ready for marriage? I would say YES. Do I want them to get married as yet? NO


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Re: Health Check on Asad-Zoya's relationship

Post by Tanthya on 2013-06-15, 14:25

I would not say tht they are ready for commitment ..They appear to talk but they do not talk !! They appear to share do not share what needs to be shared ..There is Honesty up to a point but they are not honest when they have to share their insecurities ..To Me this relationship has a long way to go..

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Re: Health Check on Asad-Zoya's relationship

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-16, 23:19

Loved the post Beekay.....yup asya....shld go thru trials n tribulations to really know what Real LOVE stands for

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Re: Health Check on Asad-Zoya's relationship

Post by Sponsored content Today at 08:33

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