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Jenny in defence of her hubby, Karan

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Jenny in defence of her hubby, Karan

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-18, 10:48

No husband would like anyone touching his wife: Jennifer Grover

Jennifer Grover is in a happy space, but the only thing bothering her is rumours of her unwillingness to do intimate scenes with co-actor Gautam Rode in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Saraswatichandra'. And she's upset that her husband actor Karan Singh Grover has been dragged into it. Here, she speaks about her show, marriage and more...

It has been a year since you married Karan. How has it changed your life?
I look at life the same way. There is not much change, only little bit changes that every girl has to make once she gets married. There are more responsibilities. I feel as if I have gone from one house to another. I have amazing in-laws. Karan's parents visit us, spend some time with us and go back to Noida. They are more chilled out than my parents.

How is Karan as a husband?
He is like a child. The more you tell him not to do something, he will do it. It has only been one year since our marriage and I already feel I have known him for long. But yes, I have known him for eight to nine years as we worked together for that long and within six months of our courtship, we decided to get married. If Karan wasn't my husband, I would have had a bad life. I need him in everything I do. I cannot take a decision on my own anymore. He completes me, I cannot imagine my life without him.

Is Karan possessive about you?
As a husband, yes he is. Both of us are possessive about each other. If somebody is rude to Karan, I won't like it and vice versa.

But is that translating into your professional life? There have been reports about Karan not allowing you to do intimate scenes with your Saraswatichandra co-actor Gautam Rode.
I don't understand how and why this is happening. Karan and I individually have spoken on this issue, and Karan said, 'As a husband, of course, I don't like anybody touching my wife', which is true. No husband would like that. But we are actors, we know what we are doing. Karan and I trust each other. I don't know what this whole fuss is all about. Karan is not stopping me from doing intimate scenes. Why should he? Why will he? He is an educated 31-year-old man. I don't even want to justify this. Karan and I have spent so many years in the industry and we understand the nature of our work.

For a lead pair to have good chemistry on screen, they must get along well off it, perhaps spend more time together.
We don't have so much time in television that we will spend time together for the chemistry to be seen on screen. Coming out with the next day's episode itself is a big task for a daily show.

The show has not been getting good trps. Does that affect you?
I have been in television for a long time now. Numbers do make a difference. But you can't take it to your heart because one week TRPs may go high and the next week, they may drop. Personally, it doesn't make a difference to me. I have no idea why the show is not doing well because people do watch and discuss it.


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