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"Rainy day for me means greener Bombay"

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"Rainy day for me means greener Bombay"

Post by riyya6 on 2013-06-20, 05:18

Monsoon is a season which is loved by all for its lovely weather change but many a times annoying too due to the rains that cause hurdles in the day to day life of the people. So on the same we got in touch with the talented actress Aishwarya Sakhuja who is seen as an anchor in the dance reality show India's Dancing Superstar on Star Plus, to know how much she likes monsoon, the way she wishes to spend monsoon season and much more.

Monsoon for me is:

Rainy days for me means a greener Bombay. I have always loved swimming in the pool and during rainy season I love it more.

Monsoon precautions I take:

I make sure that I wear non-slippery footwear and washable bags to carry when I am going out.

3 things I must carry during a rainy day:

The three things that I always keep with me in the rainy season are Umbrella, face wash and an extra pair of footwear.

My childhood monsoon memory:

As a child I still remember dancing on the song Made In India sung by Alisha Chinnoy while getting drenched in the rains along with my cousins on the roof top of my grandma's house."  

Place I love to visit in Monsoon:

I love to visit Babulnath temple a lot during rainy season as that place is just beautiful.

My Favorite monsoon dish:

I love eating hot hot maggi on a rainy day!

My Favorite monsoon music: 

I like to listening to the song Rimjhim Rimjhim from the movie 1942 A love story. It gets me in a happy mood and just goes perfectly with the weather (smiles).

A Tip for people during Monsoon:

A tip I would like to share with people on monsoon is that they shouldn't crib about rains at all, as it is nature's gift to us. We never know with this global warming and other imbalances in nature we might just stop receiving rains altogether" she concluded.

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