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What could really happen at the factory?

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What could really happen at the factory?

Post by Beekay on 2013-06-20, 14:36

Tanveer is a smart vamp. When she spewed out the dialogue of sleeping with Asad to Zoya, she had absolutely no intention of doing so... She would not risk the safe haven she has in Asad's house or the trust that Asad has in her. Tanveer knows she has already jeopardized it and she needs to get back into Asad's good books again and the only way she can is to break Zoya's mind.

Tanveer started the war initially by going physical
But Zoya won the physical round big time...

Tanveer knows that unless she breaks Zoya's fortitude, she will get nowhere. Tanveer needs to break Zoya's spirit in order to win Asad and that is Tanveer's new strategy.
Now what could happen is that she would call Asad just when he was going to say Qubool Hai, saying she is in trouble. Asad drops everything and rushes to the factory where he sees Tanveer on fire or he could see Tanveer lying there half-naked...

Asad would remove his shirt to cover Tanveer, either to stop the flames from spreading or to cover her nudity. While he was doing so, Zoya would have reached the factory...and this is what she would have seen... Maybe there is a confrontation between Asad and Zoya, maybe there is no confrontation at all...

Zoya leaves the place and goes back to the house, packs her bags to Ajmer... with Asad or with Asad following.

Now whether the nikaah has happened or not, I don't know...
With the TRP going down and QH falling from 4th position to 6, it would be silly of the QH team not to go ahead with the nikaah. But if the

Should the Nikaah go ahead???  The answer is NO.

Asad and Zoya should spent some time in introspection away from each other... Sure they love each other...but is it enough?  I am glad they are doing the Ajmer trip separately... They come back together, but the bond between them would only be stronger. At the terrace, we saw them praise each other...its not enough... They need to be very open about their faults and share what they like or like about each other... I think and hope that's what happens during the Ajmer trip.

Going ahead with the nikaah to ensure that Dilshad's promise is fulfilled is not reason enough.

Zoya is still has no confidence in Asad when it comes to Tanveer. I'm sure Zoya still feels that Asad would choose Tanveer over her. I'm sure Asad would also be in dilemma if he has to choose.

During the mehendi ceremony, Asad did not go against Tanveer or disrespect Tanveer. He only told Tanveer what he thought was right. He believed that Zoya did not do anything wrong and he gave his reasons for it. If he had even the slightest of doubts, he would not have said what he said.

Please don't underestimate Tanveer or overestimate Zoya...


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Re: What could really happen at the factory?

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-06-20, 14:48

Asad will be drugged and Tanveer will make it appear that they did "sleep" together. Tanveer wants Asad to feel obligated to her and force him to marry her. She still has her pregnancy to account for (another card up her sleeves so to speak). So it will be convenient to make Asad think that he got her pregnant and that will also be the final blow to Zoya presence in his life. Zoya is smart but she is emotionally involved with Asad which becomes her weakness.She may forgive Asad for "sleeping" with Tanveer, but the pregnancy can be too much for Zoya to digest.

Asad did put his marriage on hold for Tanveer which signifies that he has put Tanveer over Zoya. They are still trying to find their way to each other.All this time Asad has not see Tanveer's true face. So yes Bee our jodi has a long way to go and a marriage with so many doubts and choosing the best friend over the wife means total failure.


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Re: What could really happen at the factory?

Post by pollyanna on 2013-06-20, 15:39

Bee, I agree with _________,molestation, no sleeping factor which will come into play.

Loved the post :)

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Re: What could really happen at the factory?

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