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The Eligible Bachelor of Telly town- Shashank Vyas

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The Eligible Bachelor of Telly town- Shashank Vyas

Post by riyya6 on 2013-06-21, 05:34

Our Thursday column is dedicated to the 'singletons' of Telly town. The very talented and good-looking actor Shashank Vyas who rose to fame to became a popular face as Jagya in Colors super-hit show Balika Vadhu is on the hot seat of our singleton column this week. Let's see what this eligible bachelor of telly town has to share with us...
Being single, are you ready to mingle?
Well, as of now I'm a workaholic guy but very much single. I am someone who believes in destiny simply because it has its own role to play, especially when it comes to profession and relations. Getting into a relationship is something which cannot be planned, it's all about connection. If I announce that it's time I want to mingle but there is no connection with the girl, things will not work out, and vice-versa. And to be precise, I have friends who are girls but no affairs as such because I barely have time for it.
What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
The very first thing that comes under my scanner is the simplicity of a girl.
What's the one thing that puts you off the most in a girl?
I cannot stand girls who are always into bitching and gossips. I prefer to stay away from such people because I don't understand the logic behind giving importance to the people whom you don't like. So better stay away and keep your thoughts pure.
How do you want your dream girl to be like?
Actually there is no dream girl concept in me. Why to expect from life when it's full of surprises? I just look forward to a girl who is blessed with beauty and understands her responsibilities well.
A lady you admire the most?
A lady I admire the most is my Mom. I've learnt a lot from her. She is absolutely perfect when it comes to maintaining relations and family bonds.  Otherwise, I respect all the women and I think they are the most beautiful creatures made by god.
Being a bachelor, how does it feel?
I guess by being single I can direct my mind in a particular direction. Work is a priority for me right now; therefore I cannot take an accountability of someone else. At present I have a lot of responsibilities that I have to look after. I don't say that I am against being in a relationship; it's just that due to time crunch I don't wish to involve in a short-term relation with absolutely no depth in it.
It there was a matrimony or a dating ad for you, what would it read like?
Shashank Vyas- looking forward to a nice, chirpy, beautiful and an intelligent girl who is a good cook, but at the same time understands the meaning of responsibility!

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