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27th feb WU: Sandhya takes Swamiji by the horn!

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27th feb WU: Sandhya takes Swamiji by the horn!

Post by Abavi on 2013-02-28, 08:54

The epi starts with our Sandy questioning Swamiji if he is more interested in punishing her family than doing the pooja... Swamiji is irked but covers up saying he was going to perform the pooja only.

As the maha aarthi begins, Sandy and Suraj move away from there along with Chotu. Chathuri is in the cow shed, feeding the cow. She is impatiently waiting for them to turn up. Suraj and Sandy dress up like sadhus while chotu and Chaturi move out for something else. Sandy tells suraj that they have to complete the work before the mahaaarti gets over. They roll up their sleves and get ready to dig the earth(literally!)

Swamiji's side kicks notice that Sandy and Suraj are no where in the crowd and inform the same to their boss, who predictively asks them to search for them.

The group starts searching for the couple... and two end up near the cow shed. Sandy notices some foot steps when the cow moves the marquee, and alerts Suraj. They get to act like a Swami and his disciple when the two fellows peep in.
One of them is smart to notice the sindoor in Sandy's mang and suspects the pair. When they notice them again, sandy bows down near Suraj's feet which is filled with kum kum.(quick thinking!)...and the budhu's put two and two together to reach four.

Chotu and Chaturi return back, and Sandy and suraj get back to their usual getup- they all leave back to the pooja

Swami completes the mahaarti and turns to the Rathis. He says that godess parvati will now tell him where the jewels are and closes his eyes and meditates. He opens his eyes and says that the jewels are in Rathis house. All are shocked, Sandy takes cue from Swamiji and puts on her own act as if she got some spiritual powers.

She says to everyone's surprise that he neednt go to Rathis house to fetch the jewels as Parvati appeared before her too and she not only told where the jewels are but also told how some people are fooling people in the name of god.
She further says that the jewels have been stolen by one of the persons belonging to the matt.

The whole crowd reacts hearing this, Chaturi scolds Sandy for this accusation and asks her to apologise. they get into an argument. Meena and Babasa also aske Sandy to stop all the drama... One person challenges Sandy that since she has accused Swamiji, she has to prove that she has special powers like him too.

Sandy prays to parvati and takes a coconut from there. Swamiji says that people from the matt are sanyasis- they are people who refrain from worldly pleasures. Sandy asks him why do you fear if you havent done anything wrong.

Episode ends

Precap: the disciples take the coconut from sandy and hold it for sometime before they pass it on. One guy there shivers when he takes it. Sandy finally says that only one person in the mutt is left out and thats Swamiji himself. Everyone stare at Sandy shocked to their root...

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