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Behind the scene : Raziya Begum’s Revelation!

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Behind the scene : Raziya Begum’s Revelation!

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-28, 11:42

Behind the scene : Raziya Begum’s Revelation!

Being an actor is not easy. Emoting in front of camera is an art that seems simple. Be yourself. But again that takes energy that one has to bring from within, deep within. With instructions from the Director, the assistant Director giving lines which one has missed, maintaining light on one’s face, the marking made, the expressions expected takes effort that is supposed to look natural. Being a character that is diametrically opposite to one’s real nature, having a thermocol sheet put underneath for face light, intonation, modulation all to be maintained. All these are part of life for an actor.

See the video of Alka Kaushal who plays Raziya Siddiqui in Qubool Hai.

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She has killed someone in cold blood. The shot takes about 5 takes with varied angles and emotions to be portrayed. She stood stoically in between shots to be in character. Even while she waited for the shot to be called she kept silent so that the mood does not falter. As you watch the video which is a round -trolley shot, a difficult one as entire 360 degree of field needs to be cleared, the Director Arshad Khan is giving instructions as to what is expected for the scene. DOP (Director of Photography) Hrishikesh Gandhi gives her mark and distance. It took an hour to get the right shots with one segment of 12 minutes and 56 secs where the artist, cameraman and director pushing the trolley are walking in circles, clockwise and anti-clockwise. That is what it takes to make a scene.

Then comes scenes like fire, a hazard. Under controlled conditions, one has to create a scene where things again look natural. Falling boxes, racks and fire itself. It takes effort, time and patience of the cast and crew to create a scene that could be nerve racking for a viewer that perhaps lasts only a few seconds but it takes hours to can it. This sequence was shot from 4 pm to 4 am what amounted to a total of 4 minutes perhaps on screen. Even Vaquar Shaikh who plays Raashid Ahmed Khan had to face the heat of fire for the scene that could go out of hand.

Hrishikesh Gandhi – DOP of Qubool Hai
Arshad Khan – Director of Qubool Hai

Kudos to the cast and crew of any television series for creating sequences that boggle your mind. We at Forum 32 endeavor to bring you such behind the scene segments that will present to you aspects of filming that is singularly tough. Keep watching this space for more from Forum 32 and Qubool Hai as you watch the on-screen drama unfold Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on ZEE TV and segments that will give you the real picture of how it is done.

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