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Director's vision most important: Rick Roy

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Director's vision most important: Rick Roy

Post by riyya6 on 2013-06-24, 12:26

Fashion designer Rick Roy, who has recently styled actor [url=/celebrity/29/emraan-hashmi/]Emraan Hashmi[/url]'s look in filmmaker Rajkumar Gupta's forthcoming movie "[url=/movie/4043/ghanchakkar/]Ghanchakkar[/url]", considers the director's vision most important.
Roy, 30, feels it is his job to bring the reel character to life, depending on what the director wants.
"The most important thing I keep in mind is the director's vision of the characters in the film. I think a designer's job is to bring a character to real life from the paper or the script and make it as believable to the audience as possible.
"I see a film as a director's baby. It's his vision, so it's important that he sees the character the way he wants to project it to his audience. I add my expertise to facilitate that," Roy told IANS.
However, he does not feel restricted by the director's expectations in any way.
"I don't really see it as freedom or restriction as such. Every individual has a certain way of working and I try and fit into their way of working. Some directors are very specific about what and how they want it and in that case I try and deliver it exactly that way with a fewer inputs from my end," Roy said.
The designer has designed clothes for many Bollywood projects including "[url=/movie/4112/himmatwala-2013/]Himmatwala(2013)[/url]", "[url=/movie/4170/inkaar-2013/]Inkaar(2013)[/url]" and "[url=/movie/4017/raaz-3/]Raaz 3[/url]", among others.
"[url=/movie/4043/ghanchakkar/]Ghanchakkar[/url]" also stars [url=/celebrity/883/vidya-balan/]Vidya Balan[/url] in the lead role and will hit theatres June 28.

Credit: IANS

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