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SSK Written Update 24th June'13

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SSK Written Update 24th June'13

Post by zuzana on 2013-06-24, 21:38

Jhumki is practicing for the show. Prem and Simar are sitting on a side. Prem is worried, but Simar says, it’s matter of few hours.. once Jhumki finishes her performance, we will go back home.

Bharadwajs are getting ready to leave. Mataji thinks about Simar and Prem, and then they think maybe they were with Roli to give them this surprise. They leave. Khushi and Veeru come out. They say, plan was Simar’s, but win will be theirs in the end. They also leave after Bharadwajs.

Prem feels family must be worried, but he can’t call because there is no network inside the hall. Simar asks him to go out and call. He goes outside.

Jhumki is nervous as she is doing a show after long time, and Bantu is not with her this time. She gives herself confidence and is ready to perform.

Prem is trying to call, but he still can’t get the network. Bharadwajs arrive. Host announces that the show will begin show. Simar comes to Prem to ask him whether he was able to call. Right then Bharadwajs ask them whom they are trying to call. Simar and Prem are shocked while Khushi and Veeru watch them from a distance and are happy. Everyone sits down to watch. Simar wonders from their family came here and they are too worried. Simar says, we will have to stop Jhumki from coming to the stage otherwise family won’t trust them anymore and all their effort to save family will be wasted. Simar calls Jhumki, but Jhumki has put her phone on a side. Jhumki decides to call Bantu so her nervousness can go down. But before she picks up her phone, someone comes and tells Jhumki that it’s her turn.

Simar decides to go backstage, but Khushi stops her. She teases Simar seeing her too worried.

The curtain opens and everyone is anxious to watch the show. Khushi congratulates Simar for Bharadwajs bad time. Backstage, Jhumki prays God so everything goes fine, even though she doesn’t believe in God. Mataji calls Simar and Prem to join them and she sees Veeru and Khushi. Mataji asks Simar and Prem what Khushi and Veeru are doing there. Khushi’s answer puzzles Mataji and she asks her to watch the show. Simar prays God to help her.

Dance starts and finally Jhumki comes on the stage, but her face is covered. Simar goes to Ganpati’s idol and asks him to save her family from this crisis. She says, I know I hid the truth from them, but it was for their good. Khushi and Veeru are waiting for Jhumki to show her face to everyone and they are already celebrating their victory.

Precap: None.


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