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Asad and Zoya's Sad Sequence in Pushkar

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Asad and Zoya's Sad Sequence in Pushkar

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-06-25, 12:59

There will be an intense separation moment between Asad and Zoya in upcoming epsisodes of QH.

Asad's childhood friend Tanveer drugged him and consumated  with him on his wedding day with Zoya.

In thest episode we saw that Asad tries to apologise to Zoya but Dilshad prevented this knowing very well of Zoya's pain.

Asad,Dilshad and Najma discover Zoya's absence, while her belongigs are still around the room she stay in.

In upcoming episodes, we shall see Zoya in intense agony in locations such as Pushkar, sad sequences that shall tore her heart away from Asad (as well as Asad fans).

Asad will go looking for her.

Let us see if Asad finds her, to thrash things out and if all turns out well (which will)

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