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Yeh Rishta WU 25th June'13

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Yeh Rishta WU 25th June'13

Post by zuzana on 2013-06-25, 22:05

The Episode starts with Akshara talking to Naitik about Chikki, he tells Chikki is very young, she is taking everything very seriously. Akshara says we should tell our elders explaining them about Chikki. We should not look against her. Naksh comes to Maa and Bhabhi Maa, Maa asks what is the secret. Ankit is talking to Chikki, Ankit flirts with her. Chikki gets happy and thanks him for the compliments. Chikki smiles. Maa comes to her. Chikki says why did you come here, I was coming down. Maa asks her about Ankit. She asks her whats going on between you and Ankit. You should not lie about him. Maa gets furious. Chikki is shocked and admits her mistake. Maa is about to slap her. Akshara and Naitik come there and stop Maa. Maa tells them about Ankit.
Akshara is tight lipped. Maa scolds Chikki. She tells that Chikki went from the match to meet Ankit. She says you should have taught her, we have sent her to study and she is upto something else, Maa says this time whe will not pass, she has taken our love’s advantage. Akshara stops her, Maa says how dare she do like this, she is young and she is going around with Ankit. She says Chikki lies a lot, and you people listen to her. Bhabhi Maa also scolds Chikki. Maa says hard words to Chikki, and cries. She says Chikki you have hurted us, and did not keep our trust. Its our mistake, we have not given you good family values. Maa says don’t talk to me from now on, you will do what I say, be in the room and study. Maa takes her phone, saying this is the root. Maa and Bhabhi Maa leaves. Chikki cries.
Maa comes to her room and is in anger. She sees her mobile, and cannot unlock it. Naitik and Akshara come to Maa. Maa says its our mistake, we have not caught her. We have given her freedom and trusted her. Maa says let it be, but now we can change her, we will not allow her to go out, she should study at home, she should not go to coaching centre. Naitik says Chikki is smart, Maa says no, I cannot let her do like this, I have to be strict towards her. A phone rings, Maa says it will be Ankit’s. Akshara says Maa is worried, we will talk to her later. She says let switch off her mobile, and switched it off.
Ankit calls her and gets her number switched off. Naksh feels sad that he said Maa about Chikki. He comes to Chikki, she scolds him. She asks him to leave. Naksh leaves. Chikki cries and thinks what has she done, why does this happens with her. Maa is being strict towards Chikki. She says don’t pamper Chikki. Naksh says it happened because of me. Maa says this is different mistake, she explains Naksh about it. Naksh is worried. Akshara thinks about Chikki. Bhabhi Maa tells Naitik not to tell this to Dadda.
Ankit thinks why is her phone off, she has not even messaged him. Naksh brings food for Chikki. He wakes her up and asks her to have food. Chikki gets up and listens to him. Naksh makes her eat. Chikki smiles. Naksh says he does not understand what mistakes he makes. Akshara and Naitik see Chikki and Naksh and feel happy. Naitik says lets talk to Chikki, Akshara says not now, tomorrow. They leave.
Scene shifts to Varsha:
Varsha scolds Ananya that she can do her work herself. Ananya says I don’t want to go to school. Varsha tells her not to skip school. Kaki says its first time Ananya said no to school, is she fine.
Scene shifts to Naitik:
Naitik gets good response in his business. Naitik takes good care of his business. Chikki comes there, Maa stops Chikki and asks where are you going, go to your room. Naitik hears this sitting there.

credit: amena hasan


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