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WU: 28th feb : Sandy becomes Birbal!

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WU: 28th feb : Sandy becomes Birbal!

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-01, 08:32

Sandy tells to a group of worried sidekicks of Swamiji that there is nothing to fear if they are sure that they are right.

The coconut passes from one person to other in the matt. Everyone expect to see something extraordinary happen, the members of the matt are themselves scared... and finally nothing happens.

The members of the matt critizise Sandy saying that what she is doing is a staged drama and she is misusing the name of goddess- but the coconut hasnt broken in their hands- which proves they are innocent. Sandy retorts that since they are sanyasis- they should observe patience.

Sandy asks swamiji also has to take the test. Everyone is shocked and people oppose her. Swamiji says that he is a great devotee and he is blamed now. Sandy says if he is one, then he should not get scared. God will protect him if he is really innocent. She asks him to come forward and take the coconut breaking test...

Suraj swaps the coconuts in the meanwhile, and eventually when the holy man takes the coconut, it breaks. Everyone is shocked, whereas the Swamiji's sidekicks say that it is a conspiracy against their swamiji and a breaking of a coconut means nothing… Swamiji is sweating and he shuts them up.

Sandy asks Swamiji about the jewels and he doesn’t answer. Sandy says she can get the answer from Goddess itself-closes her eyes and then asks everyone to follow her. She takes them to the shed and arranges flowers and kumkum around where they were digging earlier in the day.

She says someone who is pure in heart should come forward and pour water. When Swamiji comes forward, she asks chotu to do it- as she claims that the kids are far more pure in heart and closer to god. Chotu does as he is asked but nothing happens even after 4 hours. Everyone is tired of waiting and blame Sandy for taking them for a ride.

End of Episode

Precap: The sidekicks of Swamiji are saying that Sandy is a liar and she conspired against their holyman…Then something happens and everyone stares at the ground…

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