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Asad's Dream - Hazar Moutein Mar Kar Ji Rahi Hoon

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Asad's Dream - Hazar Moutein Mar Kar Ji Rahi Hoon

Post by Beekay on 2013-06-28, 21:08

Asad dream of Zoya's return from Episode 173 June 26 2013

Remember the episode where Zoya had to go back to NY because Asad upon Tanveer's false information bought her a ticket a couple of days earlier. THen Najma asks Asad to record something for Zoya so that she remember them. In that he says, if only he could tell her mat jao, please...

I hope he does repeat this to her to her face in Ajmer... But I think this scene was acted out fantastically by Karan...


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Re: Asad's Dream - Hazar Moutein Mar Kar Ji Rahi Hoon

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-06-28, 21:17

It's a really nice scene ... And he acted so well too! Who was saying they don't like men who cries a lot...he he he.

I like a man who cries ... They are in touch with their feminine side ( everyone has one) and make great husband and father.

Thanks for the nice post.


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