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Kaisa yeh Isq hai Ajab sa Risk hai written update 1st July

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Kaisa yeh Isq hai Ajab sa Risk hai written update 1st July

Post by cheena007 on 2013-07-02, 00:25

Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st July 2013 Written Episode
The Episode starts with Rajveer being welcomed by Rajender. The women are trying to talk to Rajveer. They call jaggi and Rano tells him to let them talk to Rajveer. Rajveer’s mum tells him to tie the string on Simran’s hand. Rajveer says ok, I will go to her. Rajveer asks Mohan that he wants to talk to Simran. Mohan tells this to Rajender. Rajender tells this to Khanna. Everyone are worried, but permit to take Rajveer. Mohan takes Rajveer. Khanna signs Mohan what to do. Mohan tells Rajveer wants to talk to Simran. Dimpy and Simran hear this. Rajveer says he wants to talk to Simran alone, Dimpy and Mohan leave from the room. Simran gets tensed.
Rajveer says Simran that his mum wanted him to meet her before marriage, he praises his family. Simran is silent. He says I expect you will keep my family intact and happy. He shows the string to her and says my mum has sent it for you, and wanted me to tie it on your wrist. Simran gives her hand, Rajveer ties the string. He feels something like he has touched Simran. Mohan calls him and he leaves. Simran smiles.
Dimpy brings Simran in the mandap. Everyone are happy to see the bride. Himmat is jealous. Simran comes and sits beside Rajveer. The couple exchanges the garlands. Everyone clap for them. Simran shows the string to Rajveer and smiles. They follow the rituals as the pandit is telling them. Rajveer is feeling Simran’s touch and thinks he should not think about Simran from today onwards. Rano calls jaggi and asks about the marriage. jaggi says the pheras will start now. The marriage pheras are over. Everyone are happy. Rajveer is about to fill sindoor in Simran’s maang. The pandit asks the bride to remove the ghunghat. Everyone are shocked. Khanna says no, the ghunghat cannot be removed. Tau ji and Daddu are shocked. Khanna says its our ritual that the groom cannot see the bride. Tau ji says we won’t follow this ritual, and you should leave it for our sake. Khanna argues with Tau ji. Tau ji says this ritual will take place. Hoshiyar interrupts and says some idea that fulfills the rituals.
Hoshiyar asks Rajveer to fill Sindoor in Simran’s maang with the ghunghat on. Khanna says its ok. Rajveer is still thinking about Simran. Everyone clap. Khanna does the Kanya daan. Khanna asks Rajveer to take care of Simran whole life. Rajveer puts the mangalsutra on Simran’s neck and her ghunghat moves. Dimpy covers Simran fast, as Rajveer is unable to see her. Everyone clap again. Simran smiles as the marriage is completed.
Tau ji says his dream is fulfilled. Everyone congratulate each other. Tau ji asks Himmat to hug him, as Himmat is silent. He stares at his dad and leaves. Tau ji asks everyone to sit in the family photo.
Rajveer’s mum welcomes Simran in their house. Simran thinks about Tau ji’s words.
credit :Amenahasaan

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