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DABH Written Update - July 3rd

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DABH Written Update - July 3rd

Post by Tanthya on 2013-07-03, 23:04

Suraj tells sandy that she must read in RM. Sandy tells that it is helping her in some way & it increases her confidence & she likes reading in his shop. Suraj prepares tea for her. They talk about Kajoor which can be used as a replacement for sugar many times. Sandy tells that she knows why he is doing so much work so that he can give support to her late night. Sandy tells that she got to know two things today.. One how her father said that he would get married sandy to a educated man … She wonders how he said that As a halwai is doing a better job. Suraj asks her to study … Bhabo looks at all these from temple. It is raining heavy. Bhabo finds the door open & goes to close that..

Emily is studying … Bhabo notices the same..

Mohit tells emily that she must work hard…& if not she will return back home the first day. Mohit finds emily dozing & mocks her & asks her to learn from sandy & adds that she must not cut his nose (cut his pride). The candle light goes off. Emily asks him to bring some candle.. but he refuses by saying that he is working hard day & taking tuition for her sake…
Bhabo looks at suraj giving tea to sandy & on the other side ems trying to find candle
Bhabo asks ems to send mohit to her… Mohit comes. Babasa looks at them…
Mohit asks what is the matter as he has also started taking tuitions. Bhabo asks him to bring lantern. He lights up a lantern & gives it to bhabo. Bhabo asks him to take t to his room & adds that his wife is working hard & a candle can’t do much & asks him to take that…

Babasa tells that after these many yrs of marriage he couldn’t understand her & couldn’t believe his eyes that she is asking her son to help her DIL…

Bhabo tells that he is finding fault at everything…He will criticse even if she taunts him for eating more. Bhabasa tells that he has a complaint today & that too very important. Bhabo tells that she has no time. Babasa tells that he is finding partiality between DIL. Asks her for one she asked guarantee & for another help.. He adds that he knows that she did everything to sandy for fulfilling her ehsaan (in return to her help). Bhabo denies that…
Babasa tells that he is seeing another face of bhabo today

Babasa tells that she is helping emily forgetting everything just because if she wins her game with sandy would come to an end.. Adds that she knows that sandy dream’s would come to end if she fails & she is supporting emily. Bhabo tells that he is wrong & tells everything she heard (Emily’s intention & mohit’s behaviour)

Babasa gets shocked. Bhabo tells that her two DILs have two different reasons.. Sandy trying to win for her dream by making her hubby a popper & emily trying to save the respect of her hubby that too when there is no support from him. Adds that she has made place in her heart because of this. Adds that emily is trying to get back the respect of her hubby & he could walk along side his brothers with pride…

Bhabo tells that she knows that sandy is his pet. Asks him to think & whose win is very important for this family. Whatever sandy does will somewhere drops suraj’s respect & what emily does will increase the pride of her son. She drags babasa to the window & shows him suraj standing beside sandy when she is reading. She also drags him to momily’s room & shows her how emily is studying & mohit sleeping…Babasa is speechless…

Bhabo tells babasa that a wife who can find happiness in her hubby ‘s happiness is good for the family…

& that wife who is just using her hubby as a ladder to her dreams leaving his dreams behind.. She can’t accept this fact & she can’t see suraj’s life like this. So she wants emily to win.

Precap: Sandy suraj & emily in an auto rickshaw & stuck up in heavy traffic jam & suraj wonders what??

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