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Profess your Love but not at the cost of your Heritage!

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Profess your Love but not at the cost of your Heritage!

Post by riyya6 on 2013-07-04, 05:33

Inscribing your name alongside your lover's on heritage monuments is certainly a romantic thing to do. But would it be worthwhile to do so at the cost of defacing India's cultural landmarks and historical monuments?

With the launch of its historical magnum opus 'Jodha Akbar', Zee TV has launched a Facebook app that allows couples to immortalize their love by inscribing their names on 'virtual' historical monuments! The idea is to support the preservation of our heritage by encouraging lovers to write their names on virtual monuments rather than defacing the real ones. The app gives users a choice between four different monuments where they would like to have their names inscribed. Once the user has typed their name and the name of their partner, the app gives them a choice between posting an image of their 'immortal space' on their Facebook pages or sending their significant other a more detailed love note via a message. The app can be accessed on Zee TV's official Facebook homepage

"Very often, one finds people in India using the facades of national monuments to engrave their names alongside their lover's as a sign of eternal love. However, it is important that India takes adequate and timely measures to conserve its national heritage rather than allow its own citizens to deface historically significant monuments with graffiti. This is what prompted us to come up with a unique solution whereby we provide lovers with an interesting space to express their love in the virtual arena." says Mr. Akash Chawla, Head - Marketing, National Channels, ZEEL.

Besides the app, Zee TV's marketing campaign for 'Jodha Akbar' has seen several innovative initiatives. In the pre-launch phase, the channel created boards on Pinterest to familiarize viewers with the architecture, monuments, artefacts, clothes and jewellery from the Mughal era. As a gesture of goodwill, Zee TV organized free sherbet stalls outside dargahs across Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan on the launch day of the show. The channel also has plans to organize edutainment excursions for school children where they will watch the shoot of the show and be taken on a guided tour of the 'Jodha Akbar' sets that resemble Jodha and Akbar's palaces, showcasing replicas of the costumes, jewellery, weapons used in the Mughal era that are currently being used in the show.

Watch 'Jodha Akbar', every Monday to Friday at 8 PM, only on Zee TV

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Re: Profess your Love but not at the cost of your Heritage!

Post by Abavi on 2013-07-04, 13:26

Good initiative by the channel.. I like it

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