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31st Dec-4th Jan 2013-Qubool Hai

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31st Dec-4th Jan 2013-Qubool Hai

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-04, 11:33

A short recap of the week gone -by

1. Asad and Ayan's truth out in front of Haseena bi. iss chhoti si baat ke liye bechare Firoze ki hawa tight ho gayi. The fight sequence at the biscuit factory was better orchestrated than Akram's house.

2. Asad -Zoya carry on their one-upmanship with each other with tadka of Bondgiri thrown in between. Looks like Gul has a fetish for Bond along with Salman Khan..

3. Raziya-Dadi lock horns over Ayan-Humeira's marriage. Guess both have to wait for some time more as Haseena bi has caused enough ruckus for now.

4. Imran-Nikhat share a romantic moment and Asad-Nikhat have a poignant phone convo. Nikhat was outstanding on Thursday and Friday episode.

5. Asad finds out the connection between Haseena and Firoze but alas,it came a little late: so much for the detective- giri and oh he has the gun of the inspector: hope it doesn't create serious trouble in future: reminded me of Sanjay Dutt case after Bombay serial bomb blasts.

6. Haseena bi finally drops the bomb during Nikhat's engagement and calls off the rishta. Everyone is caught off-guard. Lets see how and who turn the tables. I am placing my bet on Imran; Also with Asad as he has to come out of the blame game and restore his darling sister's dignity. At the same time I would like to see how a father stands up for his daughter.

7. Dilshad and Mamujaan have a face-off: yet another superb scene

The first week of 2013 had been the best so far in QH timeline.

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