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17th Dec -21st Dec 2012-Qubool Hai

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17th Dec -21st Dec 2012-Qubool Hai

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-04, 11:34

A Separate Reality: The first episode of the week gone-by opens up with Asad reading this book and I (as a good?? student of Sathu and Doods) picked up on it and looked into Wiki: the book is a conversation between a mentor and student and highlights differences between looking and really seeing, between an intellectual understanding of the world and experiential understanding through a medium-“power plant drug-peyote”. I don’t know if it was relevant for the story in QH or just a mere coincidence but still I would like my imagination to run wild on a lazy Sunday.

So let’s see where we have reached in QH journey so far:

Asad’s House:

Zoya comes up with the alarm system for the whole house so that Asad knows that she is capable of putting her Comp S/W degree to good use but as usual it fails, she gets an earful from Asad not to bother with the system when he is home. Ayan comes to meet Asad in the dead of the night through the window, Ayan tells him that he is worried about Rashid-Shirin relationship, he does not want anyone to come in between them and he cannot see tears in his mother’s eyes. Asad knows the reason of the fallout and he assures him not to worry about the “reason” which is creating a discord in Ayan’s parents’ life. And most importantly, he tells him that all human beings have imperfections.

Will the bromance be put to test against the love for their respective mother?

Zoya is still in her interfering guest mode -thinks that Elena is Asad’s firangi Girl Friend who has broken her heart. So Zoya tries to set things right by telling her that in India, it’s the mother who is the BOSS (once again, this fact is re-iterated, does it set the tone for future too in both the households??) and gets her home. Asad is put in a very embarrassing situation in front of his family and Elena when it was revealed that it was the DEAL which was broken and not the DIL. He was already infuriated when he chanced upon Akram-Zoya wedding card and another truth came out in the open. It’s his guest, Zoya Farooki who was the runaway bride of his trustworthy, hard-working employee, Akram who has been in his company for the past 3 years. Asad was disappointed that even Dilshad hid the truth about Zoya from him. Though Dilshad voiced her disagreement, but Asad persists and asks Zoya to meet Akram and explain the circumstances for her behavior so that there are no further misunderstandings. Zoya meets Akram in a café and he threatens her to either get married to him without any fuss or he will use the force.

Will Asad de-learn & re-learn a lesson about trust from this fiasco and walk a step towards being a little less judgmental?

Rashid’s house:

The tug of war continues with Haseena and Raziya, both trying to out do each other in their scheming adventures. The greed giant has widened its mouth further and now Hassena has asked for a row house with 80 lac car already at her disposal. Razia and her husband decide to give in to Haseena’s illogical demands so that Nikhat’s wedding goes off smoothly, that will make Rashid-Shirin indebted to them forever and hence they will not be able to refuse Ayan-Humeira’s alliance so that Humeira stays put in this house even after marriage. Rashid on the other hand has made an assertive statement that he wont bow down to Haseena’s unnecessary wants- *main apni beti ka rishta karwana chahta hun, sauda nahin; zaroorat poori ki ja sakti hai, lalach nahin*. Humeira chats with an unknown guy thinking that its Ayan and falls in a dicey situation, Ayan comes to her help at the right moment but the guy, Nadeem will surely be up for revenge. Rashid-Shirin’s relations are still strained, Ayan observes this, talks with his father and comes up with a plan to cheer up his mother, and the children are all set to give a surprise anniversary party for their parents.

As you sow, so you reap: Raziya or Haseena, who will eat a humble pie and who will have the last laugh? Will Mamujaan dialogue about the izzat coming to bite him soon?

Now, friends, was the week not “A separate reality”?

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