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3rd Dec 2012 -7th Dec 2012: Qubool Hai

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3rd Dec 2012 -7th Dec 2012: Qubool Hai

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-04, 11:35

The story as it stands today:

1st track:-

Haseena Bi(Imran’s mother) comes to know that AAK name causes jitters in Rashid’s family, concludes that there is definitely a relationship between Asad and Ayan after watching their rockstar performance in the bazaar. She takes help of her brother Firoze,who is a traffic cop(real/fake??)to find out the real truth from the horse’s mouth(Ayan)as Asad has gifted him a bike and his name is still there in the registration papers and eventually explode the bomb on the sagai day/mehfil-e-saugaat day so that she will have an upper hand in demanding extravagant gifts (including 80 lac car)from Nikhat’s family. Also she has given a warning that they would not like to forge a relation with the family where the father has 2 wives/houses.

2nd track:-

Zoya meets Rashid, another plan in action for making the 2 lost lovers bump into each other accidentally, she hands over the ticket of the play to Rashid and asks him to courier it to Dilshad. Rashid was about to destroy the ticket wherein he spots Dilshad at the bazaar. Lots of dilly-dallying later, Rashid decides to go ahead with the plan.

3rd track:-

The phone is changing places from Zoya’s room to Asad’s room and vice versa: The shooting star, the sports quiz, post match ceremony at Asad’s house, the fight with the goons and the morning after. But both of them have still a long way to go---come to the middle ground from their extremes. Friday saw Asad taking a baby step, not refuting to Zoya’s boasting. Whats in store from Zoya’s ?

4th track:-

Humeira is suffering from an undisclosed disease and her parents want her to get married to Ayan so that she stays put with them. Rashid, however is not very keen on this alliance.
If the above 4 tracks are the masala, following will serve as a tadka:
Zoya and Dilshad hide their pains behind their cheerful exterior, Dilshad is let into one secret of Zoya that she lost her mom at 3 and Najma has put a seed in her mind for Asad-Zoya alliance. Zoya in the meantime got some pics from her BIL which will lead her to find out about her father. Why the makers have laid emphasis on “woh bechari nahi hai” by Asad at least twice in a week?

Lets see if the dish served by Gul is palatable worthy

Some noteworthy scenes:

Asad has a soft heart when it comes to any of his siblings:-the moment of joy on hearing Nikhat’s onset of wedding ceremonies, the promised gift for Ayan and knocking some sense into him for the sake of his sister’s marriage and above all the concern of a doting brother to Najma and respecting her wishes for the hair-style.

Shirin has been the show –stopper for the entire week with her perfect innuendos

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