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QH-27th November 2012

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QH-27th November 2012

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-04, 11:37

We are about to hit the storm but the wait is killing.

A very brief recap:-

The episode starts with Rashid, his mom, Raziya and Shirin in the living room discussing about the 80 lac gift demanded by Haseena bi for Imran. Raziya tells him that it’s not necessary to give in but Rashid is quite miffed with the fact that it’s the intention of the groom’s family which is bothering him and not the question of being able to afford the extravagant demands.
Asad is in the office where he gets a call from his lawyer but he is unable to answer the call, recalls FB of his cell breaking into pieces, gets furious and calls Zoya. She in a very calm and composed tone informs him that she has set a voice password “I am sorry Zoya” for using the phone so that he realizes his mistake. Asad gets quite frustrated as well as embarrassed when he has to use the same password in front of his staff.

Nikhat, Nuzrat, Humeira decide that they will not talk about the college festival at home and no one should come to know about the fashion show pics too. Ayan praises Humeira but he is sad that he dint meet Zoya. Humeira cooks up a story about her and agrees to help him with her number provided he gifts a lift to them every day to the college.

Zoya suggests some idea to her dost, Rashid for getting back his long lost love and he informs her that it is in the implementation stage and asks her to tune into Radio Bhopal. Also he sends sms to Dilshad for the same. There is a short message by Rashid to Dilshad asking for his forgiveness and he dedicates her favourite song. Dilshad listens to it, she is in tears while Zoya sings and enjoys the song. Rashid gets quite emotional, switches off the radio and his mother comes in. She was about to warn him again but he cuts her off and says that he has tried his level best to forget the past for 17 years but now he is giving into his feelings. Shirin comes then and his ammi saves the situation by making some excuses.

Zindagi ki yehi reet hai---sums up Rashid’s life per se. Ayan and Asad are playing guitar in their respective houses on this song with their families dancing and humming the tunes. This underlined the least common denomination for the two families.

Just when everything is going right, the ominous door bell rang, Hassena bi has reached Asad’s doorsteps on the pretext of enquiring for some XYZ and asks for Dilshad’s husband name.

Soch agar gehri ho jaaye toh faisle kamzor ho jaaya karte hain --- who will be the next victim?

Raju Singh: Are u saving your trademark originals for the romantic track?
A round of applause for the dialogue writers. They were the real heroes for this episode.

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