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Qubool Hai:-23rd November 2012

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Qubool Hai:-23rd November 2012

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-04, 11:38

Zoya sneaks into the house through the window and finds Najma all wrapped up in a white blanket as Snow White on her bed. As usual, she starts talking and questioning at the same time. For a flicker of a second she is scared if Asad came to know about her missing from home. She tells Najma about meeting a stranger who looked quite familiar and she had a hearty discussion with him. Najma is least interested in her talks and looks quite scared. On enquiring, she tells Zoya that she had to cut her tresses because of the chewing gum and is afraid of Asad as he doesn’t like short hair. She asks for help and Zoya says lets sleep on it. We will figure out some way.

On a lighter note: Najma: were u running a hair salon in ur previous birth, u gave urself a perfect layered cut!!!

Next morning Asad and Dilshad at the breakfast table:-Dilshad shares some much awaited gyaan with Asad. She made him understand that though he doesn’t like Zoya’s mannerisms but he was also wrong in the way he handled the matter-He did not try to find out the reason what compelled Zoya to act the way she did. And most importantly, she reminded him that if he can utter bitter words then he should be ready to get them in reciprocation too. She felt let down with his behavior towards a guest and Asad, a mamma’s boy instantly came up with a sorry. Dilshad asked him to seek an apology from Zoya.

Point to be noted: Asad will do anything for his mom’s happiness.

Zoya as usual in her chirpy mood comes up with an idea of using wig to cover up for the lost hair. After the elaborate hair make –up (what was the need??)They come down for breakfast and meet Asad. He being a typical taciturn starts telling Zoya to keep off Najma where Dilshad interrupts and he is reminded of his apology. Again he makes an attempt to beat around the bush and was about to say the word where he notices something weird about Najma’s hair. The baal ki khaal dialogue was so perfect here. He comes forward to check it and in order to restrict him, Zoya steps on his foot. He drops his cell and it breaks into pieces. A war of words follows between Asad and Zoya. Asad is infuriated, tells her that everything happens in her life by accident and one day she will commit murder by accident. He has lost all the information on his mobile. She knows how to break things and will never understand how to mend them. Zoya is calm and composed, informs him that she can fix anything from computer to car and she will set his phone too but he has to utter the three magical words. Dilshad and Najma’s expressions were bang on. Anyways, Asad leaves fuming with anger at her antics.

The highlight of this scene ---Asad did apologise to Zoya but in his own way.

Nuzrat, Nikhat and Humeira after a light hearted bickering with Ayaan get a lift to the college as he wanted to do a social service on the pretext of seeing Zoya and the fashion show. Ayan flirts with girls in the college and is denied permission to get an entry.There are a bunch of guys wearing tees with Zoya imprinted on it and Ayan miya also joins the bandwagon in wait to check out Zoya.

Can the eye -tonic become an eye- sore??

Rashid leaves the house on the pretext of having to attend to some “other” work and tells Shirin that they will go to the jeweler shop once he returns. Shirin had been advised by Raziya to gather information about Rashid, to have a tight leash around him.Shirin informs Raziya that maybe Rashid and the kids are planning to give her a birthday surprise and hence he is not very forthcoming.
“Sab kismet ki laqh hai, isme kya shaq hai…ab dekhiye na…main kitni tez ho gayi hun “ was hilarious

The story did not move forward, it’s chugging along at a snail’s pace. An average performance from all the actors which made up for the filler episode.

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