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Payal & Painting : What role will they Play??

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Payal & Painting : What role will they Play??

Post by pollyanna on 2013-07-15, 11:51

Payal & Painting : What role will they Play??

A man in possession with a lady’s ornament and a painting which is an exact replica of the beauty : Is this going to be the master stroke by Jalal which will make him win Jodha without bloodshed.

Sujamal is already in cohoots with Mughals, once Bharmal comes to know this, he will know that it will be a losing battle if he goes for war.

Jodha will sacrifice for Sujamal’s child and hence will back out from a war like situation so that Jauhaar doesn’t happen.

And most importantly, Suryabhan will REFUSE to marry a woman who seems to have some liaison with Jalal  else how come Jalal has payal and her painting.

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