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JA: Rajput protest against JA block highway

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JA: Rajput protest against JA block highway

Post by riyya6 on 2013-07-16, 15:38

AMBALA: Thousands of commuters, especially patients on way to civil hospital, Ambala, had to face hardships on Monday as Rajput communityorganizations jammed the busy overbridge on Ambala-Hisar state highway, demanding a ban onJodha-Akbar TV serial, being telecast on a private channel. 

The community alleged that the serial was produced by distorting historical facts, portraying the Rajput community in poor light. "No director or producer has a right to depict any community in such a way by distorting historical facts," said Rajender Rana, president, Rajput Youth Brigade, who was leading the protest. The protestors lifted the blockage after an hour, following efforts by the district administration. 

Hundreds Rajput Youth Brigade and Rajput Sabha members assembled near Panchyat Bhawan here in the morning and marched towards the overbridge, shouting slogans against the producer and director of the serial. Later, they occupied the bridge. 

Patients from different villages in the district, taking the Ambala-Hisar highway to reach civil hospital, had a tough time on Monday. "My aged mother is suffering from serious ailments. We got caught in the jam due to the protests. We faced a lot of hardships. Is this the way to protest against something, by harassing the patients," asked Ramesh, resident of Nanyola. 

Despite the administration making arrangements to divert the traffic through Sector 8 of Ambala, long queues of vehicles were witnessed, sources said. 

Serial put on off-mode 

Following the protests over the telecast of Jodha-Akbar serial by Rajput community in Ambala, the district administration has ordered cable operators of the city to put the telecast of Jodha-Akbar serial on off-mode. 

The decision was taken at a meeting headed by SDM, Mukesh Ahuja. All cable operators of the city was called to the meeting. The administration has also recommended a ban on the serial to the Central government, in view of the protests. 

"We have taken the decision keeping in view the feeling of a particular community and maintenance of law and order in the district," Ahuja said.

Credit: Toi  / breeze star 

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Re: JA: Rajput protest against JA block highway

Post by Abavi on 2013-07-16, 16:53

Oh I was happy that finally there was a show which I can watch and they are protesting.. why cant they take it lightly, it is a serial afterall!

Arent they saying in the beginning of each episode that it is not historically correct it is just a story

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Re: JA: Rajput protest against JA block highway

Post by Tanthya on 2013-07-16, 16:55

Ohh Crap..why can't they take it in the spirit of  entertainment ..and what disrespect to Rajput ?? So far Rajputs are treated with gentle care and love ...

 Ppl shud not pander to such  intolerance..

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Re: JA: Rajput protest against JA block highway

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