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Sasural Simar Ka written Update _ July 18th

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Sasural Simar Ka written Update _ July 18th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-07-18, 23:23

simar sees thru the window and says its too dark here and i cant see anything. then she sees a girl..and simar thinks there is a girl in there and she is being held a prinsoner here…but why?

the bad guy is in roli’s room. he comes to roli and says take this and eat the food. i m sick of these dramas of urs. and if u dont eat i wont give u water…and simar is watching all this. bad guy says comeon eat. and simar says its a unfortunate girl and i should help her..but bantu and jhumki is also in trouble..what should i do? but i cant leave her here on her own.. but i should help her..maybe god sent me here to help her.

Everyone is still waiting at the mandir. and pandit says auspicious time is going. and they all agree to go pooja. mataji tells prem to call simar n he does and the bad guy holds roli by her face and force feeds her. simar is watching all this. simar phones vibrates. and bad guy hears the phone and looks around. simar decides to tell prem but then decides not to tell him anything or else bad guy will hear her.

Prem tries to call simar but she is disconnecting his call. Sujata says this has never happened that simar has never picked up the call. All get tensed. Mataji tells everyone to be quiet and says that she might be near the mandir only and might be coming. Pari also says that we shall wait and she might be coming.SImar is about to go where roli is there but the man sees he rand says that he will find her.the man goes down finding simar and by that time simar goes inside the room. Simar goes to Roli and says, we don’t have much time. That man can be coming here anytime. Roli says, I know…. simar didi. Simar asks, what did you say? and puts light on her face. She gets surprised when she sees Roli’s face. Roli smiles looking at Simar. Simar is shocked as well as happy. She gets flash backs of roli.Roli is about to get up but falls down. Simar gets happy and hugs roli and says that she will take roli and go. Simar talks to roli and asks her how all this happened and hears that man’s voice. Simar goes and hides behind the door with a stick. The man comes in and asks her that how is the door open and who had come there. By the time he removes his gun to threaten roli simar hits him with a stick. She take roli with her after convincing her to come with her.

Roli and simar leave that room and are going. Simar hears a car’s noise and two man enter the haveli. The screen freezes on scared and determined simar’s face.

Precap:- the 2 men shout out jaggu’s name and ask him where he is. Simar comes there with a stick but the other man comes there and saves tht 2nd man. He takes the stick from her and is about to attack herbut she pulls the blanket under his leg and he falls down.


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