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SBS Qubool Hai Segment 22Jul13 "KaJen thank their teachers"

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SBS Qubool Hai Segment 22Jul13 "KaJen thank their teachers"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-07-22, 14:25

Written Update ...

KSG n Jenny in Guru Poornima segment ...

The segment starts with guru vandana ..."gana nayakaya ..gana deivataya .....gana adhakshaya dheemahi ..."

KSG is asked by the voice over to write a thanks giving message to his teachers ...KSG says .. He has learnt so many things from so many people in his life he cant just thank one particular person in his life ...collective thanks to all his teachers
Jenny too follow suite .. She says she has to thank so many teachers in has school. College. Coaching classes .. She cant pin point one guru .. So she writes a collective thank you to all her teachers ...and smiles sweetly . AWW...!!

Both were in the same costume as the Gold Awards ceremony ..

Jenny ... in walking the golden carpet segment ...
Voice over praised jenny's looks as she walked the red(Golden) carpet .. and said Kumud  was looking like a black beauty .. and so were Gopi, Rubina, Akshara, Rachna ...

Video update ....
coming up ..

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