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Sasural Simar ka Written Update - July 22nd

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Sasural Simar ka Written Update - July 22nd

Post by Tanthya on 2013-07-22, 21:51

The episode starts with jhumki saying that from when she has come in the house she has just heard about truth, justice and injustice. She says that so now where is their justice and what has happened now say something (she says this to everyone). She then says that the marriage will take place and now its her ziddh(stubbornness). She then tells the panditji to make arrangements for the marriage and the marriage will take place as per the decided muhrat. She then goes from there leaving everyone shocked. Simar says in her mind that she knows what jhumki is feeling right now but she has to understand that the she (jhumki) can’t marry siddhant because roli has returned back and roli is siddhant’s wife. She then says that she has to make jhumki understand.
Simar is gone in roli’s room to talk to jhumki. Roli is dressed up as a bride but simar thinks its jhumki. She says to roli that the marriage can’t take place as roli has returned back and roli and siddhant are like do dil ek jaan. And they love each other a lot so she can’t marry him and she says that she knows that she had promised her that she will make her marry siddhant but it can’t happen as roli has come back. She then leaves from there.
Siddhant says to the whole family that he won’t marry jhumki at any cost as roli has returned back and he says that he can’t imagine that a girl like jhumki is saying all this who never does injustice with people. He then says that he will talk to jhumki. On this mataji says that there is no need to talk to jhumki as simar has gone to talk to her. Meanwhile simar comes down and tells everyone that she is not listening she tried to explain her. Then roli comes down dressed as a bride with Bantu holding her hand. Everyone is shocked to see her as they think its jhumki. Siddhant says that he will talk to jhumki. He goes towards roli and from upstairs jhumki comes dressed as seen her before in her nautankiwala avatar and says that what he wants to talk to her. Everyone is shocked as well as happy to see her. Jhumki then says to simar that she knows that she is a nautankiwali so she likes to do the work in her style and says that she even knows that she doesn’t like doing wrong with right people. She then syas that it was decided that the marriage will be of siddhant and roli’s so it is happening. Simar apologises to jhumki saying that she misunderstood her. Then mataji and everyone thank her. Everyone takes siddhant to get dressed up for the marriage and finally the marriage takes place. Jhumki goes in a side and cries and gets emotional after getting flashbacks of her with the family. She and bantu leave from there. Bg – diya aur bati hum plays. Finally the marriage is done with all the rituals. The screen freezes on roli’s happy and emotional face.

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