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SBB - Khullega Zoya ka Raaz

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SBB - Khullega Zoya ka Raaz

Post by Tanthya on 2013-07-23, 14:25

Raaz itne jaldi Nahi Khullega, Intezar karka Padi !! :P

The scene opens with Asad   holding on to Zoya's Diary , Dressed in Jeans and a full handed shirt, He is extremely curious to know what Zoya has written and is trying to read from the pages while the skittish Zoya will not have it and is trying to snatch away her diary from him... There happens a friendly wrestling match between the two  with the poor diary becoming the victim , It drops to the ground and out of it drops out a leaflet .. AND this was what  Asad Miyyan wanted ... and what washidden within this page.. Zoya ka past love !! No !!, Zoya ki secret fantasies !! No... This page was a checklist where Zoya had listed out all the traits that she wanted to see in her hubby and Asad wants to know .. * arrey Bhai, haq hai  usse jaane ka* 


Karan pretending to cry  * as Asad had become a Heroine for a brief while n the effect still lingers* .. " I still can't believe that Tanveer has gone, this is tears of happiness " saying KSG begins to cry even more.. Surbhi Being such a good friend , joins him and she too does fake crying celebrating the departure of Tanveer..

There is a small kid beside them, VO enquires about  the girl..Surbhi says , she is my friend and  Surbhi asks "what was the name of the award that the team won?"

The child who has lost her milk tooth replies,"Golld Awallds " Prompting involuntary laughter to erupt from KSG and Surbhi..

KSG then asks the child as too the name of the lady who left y'day ; The child says," Tanveel"

Both are enjoying the chat of the girl..

To some question, obviously  about KSG  .. Surbhi quickly says," No, No..KSG is unique , he is a superstar ".
.KSg stays quiet  quickly Surbhi adds," Actually I have been threatened to say this  else  KSG will beat me up after the Pack up" 

 Grinning devilishly and mock snarling, KSG retorts, YES !!!! If  she does not praise me, I rap her head !!

There is Stills Shoot of KSG and Surbhi..who are posing for the Cam.. both are enjoying themselves ..

 VO ends the segment saying whether this is the last of  tanveer or has she got some cards in her sleeve?? what will happen next??

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