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Next in line.....Badi Bi

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Next in line.....Badi Bi

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-07-26, 12:02

Next in line Badi Bi…….Don’t worry Badi Bi justice will be served……

Yesterday’s episode bought some sort of relief in Zoya and Asad’s life…… (Partial relief to me too…:P )Finally Tanveer’s true face was revealed to the entire family. Even if it is not the end of her reign at least the Khan Khandhaan would not be praising her glory.Rolling Eyes 

Now coming to Badi Bi….As said before I started watching the episodes from the last couple of days…......Hiding Badi Bi under the Bed (Eak kya hui)…….It’s so difficult to hide my toy under the bed……Couldn’t hide my report card when I was growing up. scratch 

But the entire house is completely unaware of a whole person residing under the bed. I just couldn’t stop myself from getting repeated thoughts on Badi Bi’s potty schedule……..Raziya was so upset yesterday and cribbing just because she has to feed her…...but what goes in has to come out na………Well its Raziya’s problem not mine…..But wish that the CV’s had thought this through before putting her under the bed….

Zoya’s prayers were answered and Tanveer will be chucked out of the house today…..Humeira found the prayer beads near Raziya's bed. Will she also be vital in discovering Badi Bi under the bed and throwing Raziya out…….?

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Re: Next in line.....Badi Bi

Post by pollyanna on 2013-07-26, 12:21

 Heheheh Sharmi....srsly..."Badi B under the bed and Razia taking care of her" is not even funny scene now....someone(the makers) find a solution to this Badi B fiasco too ASAP, for me ..this is more importatnt than half baked, almost rushed half expose of Tanu...reminds me of Shyam in IPK......(this ouster was done solely to give a lollypop to fandom who were crying hoarse of tanu villainous acts and as it happened with ASR, here too Asad was not supposed to use his brains)

guess the real face to be exposed is kept for a later date when both razia/Tanu will be exposed simultaneously, lets see...i am keeping my expectations in control.....

My guess is Humeira is just pretending to be Rajni, even Vikram is her ally...lets see.....i am keeping my expectations in control.....

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