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Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 29th July 2013

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Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 29th July 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-07-29, 20:31

Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 29th July 2013

Jodha wakes up , she cries as she had a nightmare,Dadi and Melavati come and console her. Melavati and Bharmal talk about the degrading situation, as everyone is very frightened , finally Bharmal thinks that he is left with no option and has to meet Jalal.

AK is enjoying mujra when Jalal comes and stops the mujra.  Jalal puts his sword against AK's neck,questions if he has murdered children, oldies and women. AK retorts  and Jalal is about to kill AK when MA comes in between. AK doesnt apologise, MA asks Jalal to get evidence and then punish Jalal. AK asks what happens to women in Jalal's harem, MA slaps AK but Jalal answers back that the women are respected and not tortured in his harem.

MA kills the two evidences which were against AK and tells Jalal that this was a conspiracy against AK. AK apologises for his misbehaviour and Jalal gives the fina warning and leaves from there.MA gets a FB how she killed the two ladies. AK as usual is fuming with anger and tells MA that he want to defeat Jalal in a war, MA tries to show him reason.

Bharmal meets JKhan in a secret place and tells him that he doesnt want anyone to know that he wants to meet Jalal. They see Jodha, he wants to give an explanation but Jodha cuts him short and tells him to take the decision first as a king and then as a father, she does his aarti and wishes him best of luck.

Jalal does his prayers and comes to meet MA and tells her that he is going to Ajmer. Bharmal and JKhan meet his soldiers half way and inform him about Jalal's visit. Jkhan meets Jalal and apprise him of the current situation. Jalal agrees to meet Bharmal.

Precap: Jkhan comes up with an idea of getting Jodha married to jalal. Bharmal is shocked.

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Re: Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 29th July 2013

Post by riyya6 on 2013-07-30, 05:35

10q :) 

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