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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29th July 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29th July 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-07-29, 22:02

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29th July 2013

Asad's House:

Dilshad gives her blessings to Zoya, gives her water and asks her to have it facing kaaba. They sit down for dinner, Dilshad gets emotional about Zoya's safety when Zoya cracks a shayari and all of them smile. Dilshad tells that she will get Zoya- Asad married a day after Eid but without much hoopla and not let anyone know about the marriage. Asad says its only nikaah which is more important, and he is embarrassed as everyone gives him a look. He fumbles and leaves, Najma is pleasantly surprised to see this change in Asad and says this is miracle.

Night time:

Zoya gives coffee to Asad and asks how is coffee, Asad says its nice, Zoya tells i have added sugar, Asad tells now he has coffee with sugar. He asks for her wishlist and tells that this all looks like a dream to him. This is romantic moment and I am pathetic in describing the scene Wink He once again asks for her wishlist as he wants to spoil her. She starts--she doesnt want to be woken up early in the morning, never to tell her that she is fat, let her eat pizza anywhere,not to appreciate any other girl's beauty and like her poetry. They share a very cute moment :) :) bounce cheers 

Ayan's House:

Humeira is bidding farewell to each and every member, emotional moment shared between Ayan-Humeira. Vikram tells her that its getting late and they start to leave. Ayan is very sad and finally yells---STOP. Ayan asks Vikram where will he stay as they dont have a house,tells her to stay for some more days till they get a proper house, and also that even Vikram stay over at their place. Rashid also coax them and Vikram agrees. Nikhat thinks that Ayan's eyes spoke volumes as to how much he loves Humeira. (I agree 100% with Nikhat Wink bounce 

Ayan is very disturbed and Nikhat is trying to console him and asks him to gather himself and wait for the right time and some miracle. Nikhat tells him that Humeira is with Vikram in athe guest room. Humeira is having some small talk with Vikram, Vikram tries to get cosy and romantic with her, hug her(though Humeira is slightly reluctant but eventually hugs him too). Meanwhile Ayan is outside the room and opens the door and is shocked.

Precap: Zoya-Asad romatic moments continue, she teases him with his childhood pics, on the other hand, Vikram stumbles on Badi B.

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29th July 2013

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-07-29, 22:59

Zam Zam water is a special untreated underground water that comes from the earth.It is sweet and it is considered sacred. It comes from Mecca,Saudi Arabia. It must always be  consumed in 3 sips facing the direction of the Kaaba. The water came about when a thirsty baby kicked and dug into the soil and caused the water to gush from the earth.The baby grew up to become a Prophet of Allah. It represents one of the a miracles (gift) from Allah. To this very day the water continues to spring out from the same spot. This event took place long before the existence of Christ.

Thank You Pallus, I enjoyed your WU.Tomorrow I shall restart fasting,so I would be scarce again.Keep up the good work. I enjoyed today's episode. Asad and Zoya are back from the "dead".However it is Ayan's piece I have found to be more enjoyable.


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