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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 31st July 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 31st July 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-07-31, 22:02

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 31st July 2013

Ayan's House:

Razia asks Vikram that he is not the real Vikram, then Vikram tells her that he is a crook and he overheard Humeira talking to Priest, hence wanted to take an advantage of the situation. He asks Razia but what is she upto. Razia hands him some money and asks him to keep her secret and she will also keep his secret. Razia tells him to get out of the house and not to be around Humeira.

Razia finds Vikram enjoying bfast when both see police at the door and are shocked.The police tell Rashid that Badi B has not yet been found so she might be in the house. Razia again tries to prove her point, Vikram looks on and tells that the police should also look at the surroundings of the house. The police leave with Ayan who went to show the places Badi B used to visit. Razia is talking angrily to Vikram and pushing him to ge out of the house when Humeira comes in. Humeira takes him away to have a small talk.

Haseena again humiliates Nikhat on her complexion,Vikram tries to tell her to use foreign brand fairness cream. Humeira signals Vikram to leave the place, Humeira talks back to Haseena, Shireen asks her to leave and go to her room. 

Asad's House:

Dilshad is shocked to find the kitchen dirty, Asad comes there, takes a bite of pizza which was in Zoya's hand. Dilshad, Najma, Asya have a nok jhok while cleaning the kitchen.

Asad is thinking about how to fulfill Zoya's wishlist when Ayan comes in his room and they share a cute bromance, he talks about Haseena Bi and tells Asad that it was nice that he called him to meet him.

Asad tells Ayan that he loves Humeira and accepts this fact, he says that he did not earlier believed in love but now he is a changed man. Ayan tells him that he has started valuing the love of Humeira. Again both of them share a cute bhai moment. Ayan asks Asad about the reason of his calling, Asad shows him the pic of Salman Khan and tells him that he wants to know more about him. Ayan gives him a puzzled look.

Precap: Asad doing another Sallu song-- O-O jaane jana. Vikram asks Ayan if he has found Humeira's mangalsutra, Ayan denies but he has it in his hands.

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