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SBB - Jannat ki Sair !! +VU

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SBB - Jannat ki Sair !! +VU

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-02, 14:44

Jo Shahjahan  ne nahi kiya, jo romeo ne nahi kiya , use Asad  ne kar dikhaya..

Zoya is in her room, It is time to sleep, she is in her night suit ..Switches off the light, climbs on to her bed ..when suddenly   the room is lit by the lights of million stars.. Zoya is absly stunned and ecstatic ..

She is gawking left and right when she senses someone holding her hand, she turns quickly  and is happy to see Asad .

Asad and Zoya hold hands and lie back on the bed  , gazing at the stars ..


Then Asad seems to be taking her somewhere , Zoya being typical Zoya/Surbhi  pauses by the mirror and adjusts her hair..

KSG," It is a sweet sequence ..  Zoya has her wish list ..and this was  Zoya's  3rd wish .. since  it is cloudy outside .. Asad has brought the stars inside "

Exuberant Surbhi," Must Thank the art director .. it was one of the best scene, sweet scene  I had shot for ..I felt as if I was in heaven"

The Star scene continues  ..

Zoya exclaiming that she is in heaven ... both turning to look at one another ..eyes locked ..

There is some talk about Ramzan and other wishes..

KSG says that her wishes her being fulfilled.. The eid ka chand is getting ready too , only that today they have run out of time for the Eid ka Chand ..

Surbhi saying that she loves to eat all the sevaaiyyan  that comes during Ramzan

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