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Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 2nd August 2013

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Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 2nd August 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-02, 20:31

Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 2nd August 2013

Sharifuddin comes and meets Jalal, Jalal gets angry at him as he has not yet followed his orders. Sharifuddin is furious at how Jalal behaved,Bakshi Bano comes there but he shouts at her.MA comes and informs if he has freed the 3 POWs as Jalal is getting married to their sister. S leaves the place telling her to go and ask the same to Jalal.

SB's mother comes to meet Menavati and talks high of herself and ill at Menavati about sending Jodha to the Mughals. Dadisa comes and puts some sense into Menavati and sings praises for Jalal. She tells her assures that he is a nice person as he decided to put forth alliance rather than murdering the sons of Amer.

Sujamal comes in disguise and meets Jodha. Jodha doesnt hear anything while Sujamal tries to tell her the reason of his coming and is about to tell her that she is getting married to Jalal but Jodha cuts him off and asks him to leave. Meanwhile Bhagwan Das comes with soldiers and they have a sword fight and forces Sujamal to leave the palace.

Menavati agains tells Bharmal to tell Jodha asap about her suitor when Jodha-Bhagwan Das come. B Das informs that Sujamal had come and Jodha tells her that he had come to meet her and was talking ill about Bharmal. A letter comes and informs that Jalal entourage will reach Shambhar where the marriage will be performed.

MA is passing orsers to the soldiers and ministers to be on alert from the Rajputs and prepare for the wedding. Jalal comes and she asks why has he not informed his mother and Ruks. Jalal tells he wants to see the reaction when they will come to know that rajkumari is coming to the Mughal harem.

Jodha performing puja and seeks blessings from her kanhaji. Menavati makes her wear some bangles, a poignant scene of Bidai with everyone as they leave Amer for Shambhar. Menavati hands a statue of lord krishna to Jodha and asks her to keep it with her always. Jodha dips her hand in red coloured water and puts her imprints on the door. She prays to Bhawani ma for the betterment of Amer.

Precap-- The marriage ceremony, Jodha comes face to face with Jalal, Jodha is furious, Jalal smirks Wink 

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Re: Jodha Akbar -Written Update - 2nd August 2013

Post by riyya6 on 2013-08-03, 12:24

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