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Qubool Hai back on track!!!!

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Qubool Hai back on track!!!!

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-05, 22:11

Yay bounce  party4 

The QH which we all wanted to see is finally coming into play Shout out 

Asya and Ayra love stories are a good watch 


The cherry on the cake:--its Nikhat's "jaaiye" to Haseena uttered with such conviction and what a fabulous performance by Nikhat Thumbsup 

Yes, it was a long wait.....9 months of labour pain and out came a beautiful baby :) 

Nikhat SPOKE OUT against injustice (read--greedy Haseena and spineless Imran)


P.S:--Najma is in love with someone called Immi Shocked ....OMG!!! is this the same Imran???Rolling Eyes  aakhir iss Imran mein aisa kya hai jo teen ladkiyaan paagal hain uske liye scratch  

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Re: Qubool Hai back on track!!!!

Post by sarra0 on 2013-08-06, 04:02

Theen ladkiya nahin, one left him, that leaves two, does Nikhat love him or the idea and that might only leave one lol one by one i am taking away his loves...but yes it was great to c Nikhat stand up...

QH is currently boring me, I'm waiting to c how upcoming track is handled and shown.... Asad Zoya or razia Badi B never ending funda yawn...Asad doing salman Khan was beyond a disappointment...the hand carrying badi B reminded me of the thing..

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