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Purity in kids gives food a new flavour: Vikas Khanna

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Purity in kids gives food a new flavour: Vikas Khanna

Post by Maria J on 2013-08-07, 16:56

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Vikas Khanna the judge of Star Plus’ Junior Masterchef-Swaad Ke Ustaad is quite excited about the new season of this hit international cookery show which will now feature kids.

“Since kids have a one-dimensional approach, we have to take good care of them as parents or guardians. While mentoring them, we try to take the place of their elders. Having said that, although the medium of the message will change, the essence will remain the same. However we need to be strict with those who make mistakes, for if we don’t do that, it will be unfair to the kids who are doing it right.”

Here Vikas, who is the face of Indian cooking internationally, surprised all by saying, “Kids are easier to deal with for they are more receptive to changes/ suggestions. Like for instance, when we told one kid that may be he could have done it differently, he was very happy and wondered as to why this brilliant idea didn’t strike him. Grown-ups, on the other hand, get restricted by ego issues. We found out that the purity in kids give food a new flavour.”

So will it be difficult to eliminate kids? “When I can’t eliminate elders, how will I throw out kids? They are very straight forward and accepting. This makes it easier for them to move ahead. Elders, on the other hand, get muddled in other things like what went wrong etc. I am sure that one of the kids, who will not even make the final cut, might one day go ahead and change the face of Indian cooking. Not only those who are taking part, some kids who just watch this weekend show, might go ahead and join the elite list of world chefs,” Vikas adds.

“One other major attribute which will make them go ahead is their self-confidence. One kid who got eliminated was least bothered about any rebuke. He said ‘I challenge anyone who takes a dig at me to reach where I have reached.’ I have not seen such a gung-ho attitude in any elder contestant,” he observes.

Talking about the city-wise auditions, Vikas says, “I have come across talented kids in all cities who are really passionate about cooking. All I could say is that you have the gift and may you treasure it your entire life.”

Vikas does not want to compare Junior Master Chef (India) to Junior MasterChef Australia. 

“There, since the exposure is different, it is unfair to compare our kids with them. I am of the feeling that given our multi-cultural background, we have a greater urge to succeed. 

This was one of the reasons for me clicking in the US. They just need to be given a chance,” Vikas maintains.

Finally, the much-in-demand chef denies of having any kind of link up with well- known Indo-American cook book author and actress Padma Lakshmi. “There is nothing between us; it’s just that I am a big fan of hers for the way she has touched the food world. As it is I am already married to my New York restaurant Junoon. Master Chef also occupies an important place in my life. I don’t think I have time for anything else,” Vikas concludes.

Credit: Tellychakkar
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