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The turning point of Qubool Hai

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The turning point of Qubool Hai

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-08-11, 00:38

I am  pleased that Razia got exposed for something, Badi bhi was discovered   (Hopefully, it marks the end of the violence between these two) and Vikram's identity discovered and thrown out and Rajini/Humeria faced with the truth about her identity.

We also see Rashid standing up to Mamujaan for his children, certainly the man developed some brains after all this time.I guess his children forced him to face it all and develop courage. Talk about trouble and "comess" when he discovers his two daughters are in love with same man!

I am sure this is the turning point. Now that I have stopped looking at spoilers I am happy about the direction the show has taken and it seems more interesting

We are moving on to the  clarity of mysteries of Zoya meeting her dad, the beginning of Ayaan and Rajini/Humeria love story, Najma/Tanveer/ Nikhat/Imran quadrangle to what end this will take the family. 

Clearly Nikhat has not gotten over Imran and Najma is the same dilemma (sister's with similar taste in men?).The impact of these revelations definitely will affect the Khan Khandaans.

Will Rashid want Ayaan to form any relationship with Humeria after what Razia did to his mother and destroyed his life?

Will Asad accept a deceitful Imran for Najma ? Tanveer could stir trouble here also. How will Nikhat cope that her  sister loves Imran also?

If Zoya sides with Najma, will Asya relationship survive this? Will it survive with the revelation of who her father is? Mamujaan has alot to reveal and account for.

Will Zoya forgive Mamujaan? When she finds out that he knows who kill her mother and did nothing?

What mischief Razia will concoct this time to hold on to her Husband when he finds his daughter? 

I guess we will have to wait and see...surreal drama for sure



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Re: The turning point of Qubool Hai

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-08-11, 00:58

Nice pointers Zainab ... I am curious to know about all the points you have correctly mentioned here yaara ... Will watch the show now with lots of interest buddy !!...

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