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Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

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Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-08-12, 03:06

Well well my dear QHliaans, I am back full time and I hope I was missed, despite my ins and outs.Eid Mubarak,once again! I could not stay away from you all. I believe I got back in just in time to see the "turning point of the show" here is my input and the way I see it...enjoy :)

The Lioness

We have finally seen Nikhaat's courage rearing its head with the help of Rajini/Humeria to stand up to Haseenabhi's taunts and ridicule.  Cheers Nikhaat! She sure showed the family that despite her shyness and purity, dark-skinned..blah blah blah...She is smart and thick-skinned. Despite her breaking heart she knew that her parents were being wronged and taken advantage of.I guess the lioness exists in Asad's sisters as well.The love for family is strong! Imran kept quiet when his mother continue the insult the family but wanted to stop Nikhaat when she stood her ground.Such a "panty-man"( A slang used in Trinidad for weak men)

The Hug

It is a good thing Humeria has a split personality,She has shown us that she is not just a nice, obedient,happy go-lucky pretty girl. Rajini has disclosed that she has intuition and substance.She has certainly picked up that Razia is not a "nice" person; at the same time there is something between her and Ayaan. The Hug scene was the highlight of the week. First there was the simple beseeching of comfort,that need to be held by the one person that Humeria trusts and loves (unknown to Rajini). Ayaan wanted to do just that offer his comfort,but he soon discovers his feelings,he recalls the past times and finally gave in to overwhelming rush of passion.He acknowledges them when he smiled ..Ayaan has found solace.....Ayaan has found love.His apology later on was not genuine,but it was something he had to do because it appeared he gave in to weakness. Rajini had no regrets,in fact she questioned him why did it feel "right" with him and wrong with Ayaan's shock on her frankness. I could clearly see the strings of their new found feelings tighten.

The Wish List

We have seen Asad's arrogance, strong will and serious avatar. Now he is prince charming,himself, Zoya's Prince charming. We have enjoyed the Knok-Jhoks between Asya about his childhood pics etc. Until Zoya's wish list was discovered. Asad has switch from the arrogant toad to the charming romantic hero. He fulfills Zoya's wishes to the point that overwhelms her. To find the last wish,Asad accidentally broke her musical globe that reminds Zoya of her dad each time. Asad then discovers the sacrificed his beloved made for him. he repairs the Globe and promises to find her[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] We have seen the lovebirds flirt and share secret smiles and gestures..... especially repairing the hook on Zoya's dress...sizzzzzling I tell you!


Najma was heartbroken three years ago, we seen the beautiful bonding between Zoya and her sister-in-law to be. Najma reveals a little tid bit about her love,but doesnot reveal much. Imran and Najma had loved each other and broke up for the fear of Asad's a result of his broken engagement ,Imran was threatening to commit suicide( He should have jumped!). Najma and Imran love story begins again with much reluctance on Najma's end.


Some closure

Finally Razia has been caught!!! Whoopppeeee! Poor Badhibhi! The old lady suffered too much in the hands of Razia. I hope this is the end of the gruesome violence. Ayaan and Zoya  were the real heroes in this segment. Zoya's brilliant detective mind in finding badhibhi and Ayaan "dushum dushum" on the imposter. The revelation to Rajini about who she really is.

This is where the lives of the both khandaans will change. What is going to happen to Razia? Is it the end? Will Badibhi talk and tell everyone what happened? Now that Rajini know who she is, will she come into terms with it and see that Ayaan indeed loves her? Will Najma have the guts to tell Asad who she loves? How will Nikaat accept this,since she is hoping Imran will return. I could see Haseena licking her lips at the wealth of Asad Ahmed Khan.
Will Zoya meet her dad? How will the family react to the "illegimate" daughter? So many questions to be answered....I am sure they will be answered in the coming weeks.These episodes were electrifying.....


I wish Asad was not sooooo hen-pecked and easily accommodating.His shyness would have had more appeal than the overnight romantic hero. Phasing him into it would have had a better impact. Before,he was always fumbling for words...the gestures could have worked and then the words.The hairdo could have been shorter like in the beginning( Check out my DP). Ugh!!!! What is with the MR Khan and MS Faroqui name calling. The jodi are in love, use the first name nah!!!!! Geeeezzz!

Argh!meoow meoow meoow meoow meoow  Billo is in scene again! Couldn't she disappear as fast as the imposter? I guess she is need to create more havoc and trouble! Toooofan is coming!

I dedicate this to my darling friend for giving me the opportunity~ Pallu~


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Re: Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-12, 09:13

 Hey Zainab, Thanks a million for bringing us such a well balanced viewpoint, giving the credit where its due along with constructive criticism for the not so good aspects. 

This is what makes Dhwaniforum UNIQUE coz the readers and members do not tend to be polarised or have blinkers and rather bring forth the bigger picture.

As Gul had said in the interview, yes the real story started just after 200th episode had aired and it was applaud-worthy. Look at the way the supporting cast acted in the week gone by, they just nailed whenever they came on screen. Never did we miss the lack of screen space by the main protagonists. They were very much there but the story progressed and convincingly in the direction it should go.

Ayan-Humeira hug was the HIGHLIGHT of the week, set the tone for their story to unfold and I am so much looking forward to see the duo. They are STUPENDOUS!!!

Asad-Zoya(tell me honestly, are they married?? No, rite? then why are they behaving like a married couple who have been together for the past 10 years? The hook scene should have been a passionate one, the hug should have been romantic but all we get was FLAT acting by Asad as well as Zoya. Sorry Asya fans,NOT DONE .....They are capable of giving MORE than that and have delivered earlier then what happened NOW? Is the off screen comfy-ness affecting the chemistry on-screen? I am not the one who will go Ooh--Aah in whatever Asya do. PERIOD!! They better get their acts together FAST!!!

Another head-desk moment-- Why does Dilshad have to know how Asad fulfilled 4th wish of Zoya. That is something very private between the couple and should NOT be discussed with anyone. There is a difference between CARING MIL and interfering MIL.

Zainab....Once again a fantastic recap of the Week. Look forward to reading u more.Thumbsup 

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Re: Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-12, 12:21


 A absolutely wonderful post, well written , balanced and entertaining fact ..a complete package..loved reading it..

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Re: Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

Post by amimus on 2013-08-12, 13:13

Hi Zainab, a fantastic recap of the week. Hav emissed episodes last week and your recap covered it up.

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Re: Qubool Hai--Week's Review-4th -10th August 2013

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