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Balika Vadhu 13th August 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 13th August 2013 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2013-08-13, 21:22

Jagya is sleeping and thinking about Ganga.. and Mannu. He says, I wish all the moments that I spent with them come back. They become part of my life forever.

Ira tells Anandi she should have not taken such bold step. Anandi says, it’s just I lost my balance and fell down, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Ira says, no.. if you want to do social work, then wherever you go, Shiv will go with you. Meenu says, then how will Anandi make her own identity? It will create more troubles for her if Shiv is with her. She won’t be able to create relationship with those women. Daddu agrees with Meenu. Anandi tells Ira not to worry. The way Anandi explains to Ira, Daddu is impressed by that. Ira says, if anything happens to Anandi again, then along with Anandi, you all will be responsible for that. She leaves. Shiv tells Anandi, don’t worry.. just like how it’s your job to fight, it’s her job to get worried.

In morning, Sumitra brings tea for Jagya. Jagya says, why did you bring? There must be lots of work in kitchen at this time. Sumitra says, yes.. but days like these don’t come again and again. We have decided your engagement day. Jagya says, but that day I am going to leave for Manglore. I told you all as well. Sumitra says, yes.. but that’s the only good time.. after that there is no good time for 4 months. Someone else can go on your place.. or it can be postponed, but we can’t postpone this. We all have waited for this moment for so long. Jagya says, I want to talk to you all about this one more time. Let me get ready, then we will talk. Sumitra says, so you agree, right? Jagya says, I said na.. I will discuss it with you all.

Everyone is waiting for Jagya in the hall. Jagya comes. He says, I had told you all before that I am going to drop Ganga on 16th, then how can I get engaged on same day? Dadisa says, we told them to find a date, and they found that day. She explains that there is no good time in next 4 months. Jagya reminds everyone that he promised Ganga that he will help her to start her new life. Dadisa says, I understand you, but your mother thinks your engagement is important. Jagya says, not more important than Ganga’s life. Her course is starting from 18th and we must leave on 16th. I can’t get her course date postponed. Sumi tries to explain him and reminds him that they are Anandi’s sasural as well. Jagya says, I didn’t forget anything, but I promised Ganga. I got good values from you all and came on right path after long time. And now you’re asking me not to follow what you taught. I am requesting to you all.. once I come back, I will do whatever you say. He leaves.

Bhairo tells everyone, I knew this is what Jagya will say. Basant says, it doesn’t look like he will agree. It’s better to postpone the engagement. We didn’t say yes for 16th yet. Sumi says, what are you saying? Jagya will decide what will happen in this house? We are elders.. can’t we take decision for him? Basant says, he’s not a child anymore. We have to find a solution here. If he wants to go with Ganga, then we shouldn’t force him. Sumi says, ganga ganga ganga.. why so much importance for her? Why doesn’t he worry for Sanchi as much as he’s getting worried for Ganga. How will Sanchi feel when she finds out the reason to postpone the engagement. Sumitra cries a lot and says, w will have to do something.

Sanchi is selecting mehendi’s design with Meenu and Ira. She likes all the designs and is confused which one to choose. Daddu comes and says, she is so excited. Ira says, they didn’t even confirm the date and this girl.. Sanchi says, I told you na.. they will say yes. Ira says, she is so busy in selecting design.. that she forgot Anandi is working alone in the kitchen. Sanchi now goes to the kitchen.

Dadisa tells Sumitra, I don’t think engagement can happen on 16th. Sumitra says, they are still Anandi’s sasural people.. it’s wrong to go against them. She asks Dadisa to do something.

Jagya is remembering what just happened and receives a call from Sanchi. Sanchi tells him that she has marked 16th in all calendars, not because she will forget, but seeing calendar it will remind her again and again. She asks him whether he started shopping and if he comes to Udhaipur then both can shop together and it will be so much fun. Jagya says in his mind, it won’t be good to keep her in dark. He tries to talk, but as soon as he says, 16th.. Sanchi changes the topic and says, yes Sonal I am ready. She then tells Jagya that she called a beautician because she wants to look the world’s most beautiful girl ‘just for him’. She says she will talk later and hangs. After that she says that she needs to throw Ganga out of Jagdish’s life. Ganga will have to go Mangalore alone because she didn’t leave any other choice to Jagya. He just has one way which takes him to Sanchi. She continues, and their engagement will happen on 16th only. She has started preparations already and now Jagdish shall start preparations as well. Screen freezes on her face.

Voiceover: Selfish people can even choose wrong way to get what they want.

Precap: Dadisa tells Ganga how all the functions are taking place on 16th and Jagya’s engagement time is on same day as well, but he is saying no. Ganga asks why? Dadisa says, you’re going to Mangalore on same day and he wants to go with you.

Credit: Shreya

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