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DABH Written Update- August 13th

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DABH Written Update- August 13th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-13, 21:50

Episode starts with Suraj telling that sandy’s dreamt of this even before becoming his wife. Then why shd sandy sacrifice. SRK wishes him. Suraj tells that the day when sandy becomes IPS that day would be the happiest day in his life. Suraj asks his wishes. SRK wishes him to & exclaims how one can love other’s dream so much. Bhabo is shocked. SRK then tells that he would like to introduce one coolest halwai (on looking at suraj) he tells that it is not suraj but he himself who played the role of an halwai in CE. Suraj SRK hug.
Abhi intorduces the rules regarding the round. The one presses the buzer first will get the opportunity first. Abhi hands over the stage to SRK & leaves.

REady steady go

First Q: Which country celebrates independence day same as that of India ie 15th of August.
Emily wonders. Sandy goes on to press the buzzer but stops on seeing bhabo & remembering her words. Ashutosh presses the buzzer. SRK asks hi the answer & he tells South Korea which is right. He gets 10 points. Suraj is shocked & thinks to self that she must act fast. Meena comments that Ashutosh is good & babasa shuts her mouth saying that it is just beginning…

Second Q: How does Japanese call their country in their local language?
Sandy stands still remembering Bhabo’s words… & those two keys… Ashutosh again gets the chance. Emily gives wacky look to everything.

SRK again asks the question… Answer is Nipon SRK asks what happened to NAri Sakthi ( Women power)

Chaturi Chotu wonders. Suraj is worried. Babasa gets doubt with their questions. Meena thinks that if sandy continues this her foretelling will come true.
Chavi & chaturi encourages them.

Third Question: Which bone in the body is called as funny bone?? what is its actual term????
Sandy looks at Suraj & remembers a flash back
Suraj hits his el bow on the cup board & he starts laughing. Sandy tells that she has learnt about this. And this is called as funny bone.
Suraj tells that she knows this answer… to babasa. Both are hopefull that sandy would give the answer for this..

Break: Meena tells babasa that today everything is happening the other way round… Exclaims how sandy is lagging behind…

Suraj is confident. Bhabo is worried. Mohit is tensed for emily. But Emily presses the buzzer.
SRK asks her whether she got the question right??
Emily answers it is ULNAR NERVE… SRK asks what Ullooo
Mohit thinks that emily is wrong.
SRK says that it is absolutely right… Asks her whether she learnt to be scared by coming here or fit is her nature. Babasa looks at Bhabo & remembers her words that she wishes the Third MP too & bhabo taking sandy alone to temple.
Chavi & bhabo tells that Emily started her account.
Meena tells babasa that today everything is happening the other way round… Exclaims how sandy is lagging behind…

Chotu asks suraj that he said that sandy would answer this & wonders why Sandy is silent. Suraj is speechless.
SRK tells that it is time for scorings;;

Ashutosh with 20 points, Emily with 10 & sandy with 0 & tells that he has confidence that sandy would make it on the next round & announces it is time for break.
Babasa decides to talk with sandy.

Sandy in a dark room remembering bhabo’s words…
Babasa enters the room. Sandy is shocked to see him.
Sandy tells that she is scared so much that she couldn’t answer those questions. Also the questions were very tough. Babasa asks her whether he asked anything regarding the same. He adds that it is clear that she is hiding something from him… Asks her about the same. Sandy is shocked & tries to deny by saying that the questions were very tough. Babasa tells that she can’t hide it from him & adds that she knows the Ulnar nerve in elbow answer… Sandy tells that she couldn’t concentrate properly due to fear. Babasa asks whether the reason behind her fear is not that reason which stood behind those two matka phods. He adds that he was very upset those times & when suraj came into the picture he was sure that she will not leave this matka to break. He adds that when two matkas broke suraj was dying inside & he expresses his grief that Suraj might shatter after this third matka loss.. His faith lies on this. Sandy is speech less.

Precap: SRK tells suraj that he has never seen such pair. Asks sandy to wake up before the SUN DAWNS


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