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Saadey Teen Aur Paanch Minute, Aur Party Abhi Starting Hai! – On Sets of Qubool Hai!

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Saadey Teen Aur Paanch Minute, Aur Party Abhi Starting Hai! – On Sets of Qubool Hai!

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-08-16, 12:56

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We are sure you are wondering what we are referring to. Is it a spoof of a song or a parody? Well yes and no.
It was early hours of the morning and while we were technically working, the atmosphere was of high energy. Someone even joked that we lived on a certain energy drink that gave us wings, but then we felt we are simply high on life.

Who are these people who forms the “WE”? There is Karan Singh Grover, Surbhi Jyoti, Vaibhav Singh, Hrishikesh Gandhi, Tarlok Singh, Megha S Kumar and our photographer who were each doing their job on the set of Qubool Hai. And fun is something they seem to have while working. Here is a glimpse of what we got up to.

The Saadey Teen Aur Paanch meaning 3:35am actually was a term that started when Karan asked someone what the time was in the night and the answer had come in that manner. And for the rest of the shoot, one of the persons on the set ensured that the time was called out ever so often in as absurd way as possible, for e.g. when it was 4:30am; someone had the audacity to say, Saadey Teen Aur Pachpann Minute. You will definitely hear this in the behind the scene segment we shall bring to you shortly.

So, that is how people on the Qubool Hai Team work. They find joy in smallest things and that energy is transferred to everyone who enters that sphere. At 2:30 am they talked about their trip to South Africa in an interview with us. Again, that shall come should you all be very nice in following Care Khan!

However, like we always digress, party is what we feel is a state of being where Television show shoots are concerned. Perhaps that is how it is in many industries, but the casualness with which work happens on the set, one would wonder how one adheres to deadlines and scripts to bring a telecast to your screens. The chaos that is palpable is disorienting to an outsider and the clamor would actually get to one when a set up is happening and best is that even when they use a microphone, one can hear them screaming on that. As if, the amplification of a speaker is not good enough.

Fascinating? Working for 18 hours straight, so that a National Holiday does not affect telecast is something that is only understandable to someone who works in the industry. Of course, crisis management needs to happen in every sphere of life and varied industry, be it the Naval Disaster that happened at Navy Docks in Mumbai.

But we do believe that work is fun, if you are passionate about it and the number of hours do not matter as long as one feels a smile emanating from one at whatever hour one heads home. Of course, Surbhi and we went back home together, for once not passing the Milk distribution vans or Newspaper vendors as it was a National Holiday and we welcomed it by doing what we know best. Work.

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