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Jodha Akbar - 16.August.2013

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Jodha Akbar - 16.August.2013

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-08-17, 00:56

I liked how the episode today showed the three distinct aspects of Jodha’s new life as the wife of the shah-en-shah:
·         That of representing and standing for her people before the Shah-en-shah’s people
·         That of being a daughter-in-law and being accepted as a daughter instead
·         That of being pitted against Jalal and Ruqaiya at the palace by the virtue of being Jalal’s new wife
She's won the first two well enough --- now for the third. Does she win 'em all?

In the first instance, Jodha is very much the Rajput princess that she boasts of. She is Amer ki beti as she puts it. And though she is queen now, she never loses out on living out her identity. She doesn’t mince words when giving Adham a piece of her mind. He may not have minced words either but for Jalal standing there.
It almost looked as though Jalal was feeling left out in the Jodha-Adham spat and decided to remind them that he was still around being the shah-en-shah.
Poor Jalal… he had to remind both Jodha and Adham that he was still king and capable of taking decisions and making judgments.
See Jalal? You should notice such stuff… people closest to you aren’t carrying a good impression of you as king. Not that you bother, of course. After all… Kanoon hum se hai, hum kanoon se nahi – and all that delusional rot.
This is the outcome of being in and trusting the company of people like Maaham Anga and Begum Ruqaiya – the toady bunch!
The only real relief to Jodha comes in the form of Jalal’s mother. She has an unlikely son, but she beats most mother-in-laws by leaps and bounds when it comes to being a royal mother-in-law.
It was endearing --- the moment Jodha called her Ammi Jaan, she slipped into the mother’s role just as willingly.
It tells of Jodha’s nature. She has not only accepted the role of daughter-in-law, she didn’t go on to call Jalal’s mom as she’d call her in her own dialect. She calls her Ammi Jaan. I wonder if any of the other royal bahu’s do that… or if the MIL feels that motherly towards them.
And finally… the game.
For the last two times, Jodha’s guesses about what Jalal is trying to do is closer to the mark.
She missed the mark in case of inferring that Jalal would tell her parents of their relationship, and then again when she thought Jalal was trying to scare her, after eating her cooked food.
But thereafter she’s known that Jalal asked her parents to stay so that he could torture her in private while she’d have to smile in public. And now again, she’s inferred correctly that Jalal made the Amer artists perform for the sake of her family, so he was keeping something nasty for her in store.
And Bingo! Jodha hit the bulls-eye.
Thankfully for Jalal he hasn’t announced the prize for Ruqaiya already. He’s marked it for the winner. Or else… or else. All the more reason that Jodha wins it. Not that she’d used the prize for herself – she may use for it for some greater good – but more to stop Ruqaiya from ordering something bizarre!
So much for Jalal being the one-wish genie!
And he allows Ruqaiya to pick her opponent.
Something  cute happened. Ruqaiya walked in from Jalal’s left and Jodha from his right. However, when they sat down to play the game, they changed sides. If JA is into foreshadows, then this is telling.
Anyhow… there was one bit of disappointment – true to their image… the ph showed more expressions and reactions than the real point of the scene.
During the chess game, what we saw more than chess moves was the expressions and reactions of Agra vs Amer. I’d have looked forward to seeing some good chess moves to justify those reactions rather than a running commentary from Ruqaiya!
Okay two things:
One: What was Jalal up to imagining Jodha dancing with pride among the artistes?
Was that his perception of how Jodha might be feeling when she saw the Amer artistes performing? Or Was that his glee at a half-baked idea of making Jodha dance among them at his will?
Two: Why did Jodha first check with her brother before getting up to accept Ruqaiya’s challenge? Did she seek permission? Or … what!?
Nice though that her bro nodded confidently at her.
Oh yeah… Ruqaiya and Jalal are so (over) confident that the fact that Jodha didn’t think twice before accepting the challenge and presented herself for the game, despite being told that Ruqaiya was one of the finest players in Agra, didn’t bother them a bit.
If she wins… nice going, Jalal! You’ve just let Jodha have her heart’s desire.
And if no one is up for killing Adham --- to hum prastut hain!

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Re: Jodha Akbar - 16.August.2013

Post by riyya6 on 2013-08-17, 17:33

Hey loved ur post n points mentioned ..:) .

The dance I think jalal was impress with her when she counter adham khan... So he imagine her with the flag... But the scene was funny, paridi seems like struggling to carry the flag .....

I love the points abt the placement of both ruqaiyya n jodha in the games, it def says something abt the future plot....

Would have been better for the cvs to focus on their games rather than expression like u said ...

I love jalal mum, she's so sweet n their bonding was good.

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